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What to encounter in the fort portal region – Uganda safari news

tea plantations in fort portalUganda is indeed the pearl of Africa and gifted by nature as it has been put forward by many folks. This is because every part of Uganda is gifted with impressive scenic beauty, lush flora and remarkable fauna not forgetting the hospitable people that have taken the mantle when it comes to that on the entire continental lands of Africa. This diversity makes travellers who cone on safaris in Uganda to have a memorable safari experience.
The Fort Portal region in the west of Uganda us greatly known for its cultural, scenic and primate encounters not forgetting the remarkable flora. These include;
The pre-historic rain forest of Kibale which houses the 13 primate species among which include the famous common chimpanzees along with other primates like Black and white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, olive baboon, red tailed monkeys, L’Hoest’s monkey and grey cheeked Mangabey. The nocturnal like Pottos and bush babies also exist and can be encountered while on Uganda safaris.
The Crater fields namely the Ndali- Kasenda Crater Field in the south and Fort Portal crater field in the north west of Fort Portal town. These are very unique with impressive scenery presenting rewarding hiking encounters that would definitely generate ultimate Uganda safari memories.
The cultural and heritage sites including the Karambi royal tombs where the Kings of Tooro are buried, the Tooro Royal Palace with its magnificent architectural building and the Amabere g’ Nnyinamwiru caves that date back in the Chwezi era combine to make your cultural tour to the region rewarding.
The Adventure tea cycling on the famous Mpanga Tea Estates is also rewarding providing an opportunity to share with estate workers and enjoy the scenic views of the lush tea estates in the undulating landscape.
The other festivities and ceremonies such as the Name giving ceremony – the Empaako festival, the Empango ritual and the King’s coronation add spice to the tourist experience while on safari in Uganda. The travellers on safari in Uganda can also extend to Semliki National Park or to the mystical Rwenzori Mountains in Kasese.

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