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Rwanda traditional dancersThe nation of Rwanda is considered one of the success stories in Africa that emerged from the worst past to build one of the competitive economies on the African continent. The strength of Rwanda has not appeared in agriculture or industrialization but a strong tourism industry which is currently fetching the greatest revenues from Rwanda safari tour undertakers. The rise of gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda championed by the American Primatologist Dian Fossey was a new dawn into the Rwanda’s tourism and economy in general.
However, besides gorillas and a range of wildlife that formed the foundation for wildlife safaris in Rwanda not forgetting the primates of Nyungwe of which chimpanzees are among forming the base for chimpanzee trekking safaris, Rwanda has rich cultural heritage whose potential has for long been untapped until of recent.
Dating back to the pre-colonial era, Rwanda had a well centralized Kingdom and the palace of the last two Kings is in Nyanza, Butare in the Huya District southern province of Rwanda. The demise of the monarchy did not take its heritage with it. The heritage remained and is currently encountered by travellers on safaris in Rwanda. The cultural heritage of Rwanda is not only presented in living forms like the famous Kinyarwanda language, Intore dance, values and customs but also in non-living forms like the magnificent traditional huts’ architecture, impressive works of art such as those gathered at Rwesero Art gallery and protected landscapes such as Huye Mountains which are noted to be the legendary ancestral dwelling of Nyagakecuru, a prominent woman who dominated the area in the ancient times. The combination of these is prompting range of travellers to plan safaris and tours to Rwanda.

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