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SIR SAMUEL BAKER TRAILUganda has for long been a land of wonder dating back to the ancient whose great interest was sparked off by the historical Nile River that flowed the continental lands of Africa including the dry lands of Sahara supporting millions and millions of people and livestock making its source a question of the time prompting the great explorers of the time to undertake safari tours to Uganda in search of it.
Sir Samuel Baker was among those that set out to find the source of the mighty Nile River that has proved to be longest river in the whole world that is always encountered by travellers while on safaris and tours in Uganda. With his wife Florence Baker, Sir Samuel Baker resolved to grasp the source of the Nile from the North i.e. from its month in Mediterranean Sea following it down stream.
Their historical trail still stands in hearts of living explorers and historians and in the world book of records. The 805km about 500 miles across the mountain plateaus and deserted  river beds with pain and pleasure, is a tale that any living traveller would wish to explore by planning a safari to Uganda.
The Baker’s great expeditions stretch to the discovery of Lake Albert 150 years ago which he named after the late husband of Queen Victoria and is the northern tip of the western arm of the great East African rift valley that is hardly missed by travellers on Uganda safaris and tours.
The Baker’s historical encounters stretch to incorporate the natural wonders like the world’s powerful Murchison falls where the mighty Nile River is squeezed to pass through a less than 8m ravine before falling 43m below creating a thunderous roar and a plume of spray not forgetting a trade mark rainbow that gives it a natural distinction. This is a unique feature that is always encountered on Uganda safari tours.
Sir Samuel Baker was a great British explorer, writer, engineer and an officer is known for fighting against slave trade in various parts of the world and thrived on this planet from 8th June 1821 – 30th December 1893.
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