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Enganzi Game Lodge is located adjacent to Queen Elizabeth national park at the escarpment of the east African rift valley known as the Kichwamba escarpment. It is built out of local material to allow it conform to nature around it. Enganzi lodge is well situated on a hill overlooking the eastern part of Queen Elizabeth national park and staying here offers vast views of the area.

Accommodation At Enganzi Game Lodge Include;

Five thatched cottages which offer a view of the park and guests will be spoilt for choice in glimpses of nature’s best at flora and fauna.

The thatched cottages of Enganzi lodge are spacious with nice, comfortable beds and are well contained with showers and bath tubs, with both warm and cold running water so that guests choose a bath that they will enjoy. The rooms also have flushing toilets. Enganzi lodge is powered by hydro-power and visitors can charge their phones and other accessories in their rooms.

The roofs of the cottages at Enganzi lodge are designed with dry banana leaves that keep the temperature in the rooms moderate and comfortable for a cool relaxation. As you relax at the lodge, you’ll enjoy the beautiful savannah of the park where some times animals such as buffaloes, elephants, birds and others are seen roaming around the area.

The cottages are situated on a hill and staircases were constructed to enable visitors climb to their rooms along the hill.

Facilities And Services At Enganzi Game Lodge Include;