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Enjoy a visit to Lake Mutanda – Uganda safaris

lake mutandaA visit to Lake Mutanda is an interesting adventure which will leave you thinking of coming to Uganda for another safari. This Lake has always captured both the locals and the visitor’s imaginations which have helped at increasing safaris to Uganda specifically to visit the lake.

Visitors have always visited Jinja, Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth and many other lakes ignoring Lake Mutanda which is located in Kisoro District in western Uganda. The Lake has not been taken as a tourist destination but however it has got many tourist attractions which can attract many Uganda safaris.

The Lake has got many activities which can be engaged in the tourists who come for safari visits to Uganda. These activities include; Bird watching, nature walks along the lake, boat cruises, and game viewing, all these activities can be enjoyed by the visitors which can at the same time increase revenue to the country.

In addition to the mountain gorilla trekking safaris and the golden monkey tracking in the nearby Mgahinga National park, the lake has got many plant species and the birds which are found at the lake include the kingfisher, kite ibis, crested crane and the weaver birds which are mostly enjoyed by the birders who come for safari tours to Uganda.

More so, the lake has abundant animal’s species like snake, chameleon, monitor lizard, frog, there are also abundant supply of insects; these have greatly attracted many safari visits to Lake Mutanda. The mammals found at Lake Mutanda include the African clawless, the hippos and many others.

The motor boat options are available to help you traverse the lake; this also provides an option for canoe riding which helps in satisfying the visitors on safaris. These boat cruises can help you come into close contact with the water birds and other water animals.

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