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Enjoy the delicious Rolex in Uganda – Uganda safari news

There are many things that would probably impress you while on safari in Uganda. Like any other foreign destination, a travellers can not miss out to experience something new that may be has never existed in her respective country of origin.
A country gifted by nature as it is always described with a fairy tale and impressive landscape and bio-diversity that qualifies it as the Pearl of Africa, Uganda has got a range of impressive food stuffs that range from purely organic fresh grown locally items to International produced consumables. This diverse range caters for divorcees needs of various travellers on Uganda safaris and tours.
One would then wonder about the delicious Rolex as earlier mentioned. Carrying a name similar to famous Rolex watches in the western world, the Rolex in Uganda is rather a food stuff that nourishes the bodies of ever hard working African brothers and sisters in the mid of the sun. Rolex is produced from wheat flour and cooking oil which is used to make Chapattis and then eggs along with other ingredients like onions, cabbages and tomatoes not forgetting salt are incorporated to form the delicious Rolex.
The Rolex is rich in Protein and not expensive this affordable to many low income earners no wonder it is largely a street food. Experienced Rolex makers have their stands along the streets and are extremely busy in the evening when the people are going back home from their places of work – something that can be evidently seen while on safaris and tours in Uganda.
The sweetness of Rolex has left many foreigners that visit or come to stay in Uganda in love with it and it is not a surprise to see some of them lining along with the Ugandans waiting for their orders to be processed. Though it is important to first internalize the hygienic standards of the stall, the Rolex can be part of new foods to taste on while on Uganda safari.
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