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Enjoy your safari in Murchison falls great lodges – Uganda Safaris News

lion-murchison falls national park

Murchison falls national parks is located in the eastern part of the country and it has got many attractions which are enjoyed by the tourists who come for safaris to Uganda, this park has wonderful vegetation and land scape which provides a good scenery view to the source of Nile, this park has also got variety of wildlife species, plants and also boat cruises which avail the tourists with water birds, and many more to enjoy in this national park.

Murchison falls National Park has got many accommodation facilities which have helped in accommodating the visitors who safari Uganda, these are ranged according to classes and these include; luxury, mid-range and budget lodges, these include Paara safari lodge which is considered to be a luxury lodge used by the luxury tourists, this lodge has got wonderful rooms with comfortable beds which provide good experience of the park.

The park has also got mid-range lodges which include Pakuba lodges with is also located within the parks and caters for semi luxury clients, this lodge has also got good rooms and good meals which will spice up your safari to Uganda, This lodge has received increased numbers of tourists who come to Uganda for tours.

Bwana tembo is also a lodge which is used by the visitors who come for safaris to Uganda, it’s amid range lodge which has got good accommodation facilities and this has attracted many mid range tourists to visit the lodge when they travel to Murchison falls National.

Red chilli is also located in Murchison falls National Park, and it’s a budget lodge which has got conducive and a comfortable accommodation facilities, it’s a budget facility but its loved by the tourists who come for safaris in Uganda since wild animals come near to this lodge which attracts many tourists to use when they travel to Uganda.

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