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Enjoying primate walk in Nyungwe forest – Rwanda Safari News

Black and white colobus monkey nyungwe
The famous Nyungwe National Park found in southwestern direction from Rwanda’s Capital city Kigali is the only protected area in the land of thousand hills endowed with largest number of primates and hence this makes the park to be the best destination for tourists on Rwanda safaris but interested in primate walk experience. The cheered Nyungwe national park is positioned in the border between the three neighboring countries of Burundi on the southern part of Rwanda and Lake Kivu as well as Congo on the western part.
The wonderful Nyungwe rainforest national park is considered to be one of the best preserved montane rainforest in the east and Central Africa. Primate trekking safaris in Rwanda is one of the rewarding activities second to gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda and this is because the primates in Nyungwe are brothers to the mountain gorilla trekked in the Volcanoes national park. In the present day Rwanda, the unique primate’s species and the loviest montane vegetation found in the Nyungwe national is one of the remarkable attractions accountable for drawing travellers to book safaris and tours to Rwanda.
Tourists on Rwanda gorilla trekking safaris have an added experience to enjoy the wonderful primate walk in the green rainforest vegetation of Nyungwe forest. Nyungwe national park is proud of 13 different primate species and the pronounced park is home to an estimated percentage of 25% of all the primates living in the protected areas of African continent. The remarkable primate’s species in the natural gifted park is the Chimpanzees and hence taking safaris to Rwanda offers unavoidable opportunity for one to spend one magical hour with the human cousins i.e. Chimpanzees living in the forest jungle of Nyungwe.
The other recommendable primate species being housed in the park include the rare Angola colobus which cannot be found in other protected areas of Rwanda, Rwenzori Colobus, white and black monkeys among others. All these primate species can be enjoyed by tourists spending his primate trekking safaris in Rwanda. The primates in Nyungwe are unique other than other primates in other protected area and the uniqueness is expressed I n the way that these primates move in groups consisting of an estimated number of hundred. The habituated group or troop made up of 400 primate species can be easily found in the campsite Rwenzori Colobus is mainly arboreal as well as acrobatic leaf-eater.
The other interesting types of the monkeys in the park involve the L’Hoest’s monkey, Owl faced monkey, Silver monkey as well as golden monkey red tailed monkey, Vervet monkey, Dent’s Mona monkey plus even the crowned monkey and Olive baboon which is considered to be a savanna monkey species and not easily sighted along the road through Nyungwe.
In addition to the mentioned species, one can also enjoy the sights of the four nocturnal primates and these can only be seen by the tourist trekking the primates at night and these species almost look like the lemurs found in Madagascar.
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