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Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha Sector in Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda

tree climbing lions of Ishasha Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha Sector in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda is an amazing Uganda safari attraction. The prominent Ishasha sector is located in the remote part of Queen Elizabeth National Park found in south western part of Uganda.

The sector is found in the southern part of the park and due to the fact that its positioned in the area far away from the towns and trading centers, the sector receives few visitors about these few tourists who spare their time to visit the Ishasha sector are rewarded with the wonderful views of the rare tree climbing lions only found in this Ishasha region.

The existence of these tree climbing lions in Uganda ‘s Second largest national park is attracting many travellers to undertake safaris to Uganda in order to have physical encounter with these rare species of King of the jungle.
The tree climbing lion are not common in the whole of African Continent but confirming your safari to Uganda particularly to Queen Elizabeth’s Ishasha region offers one with an opportunity to encounter the tree climbing lions only housed in this part of country Uganda.

The rare tree climbing lions of the great Ishasha sector are considered to be one of the two populations of the lions in the whole world that have the potential to climb and enjoy their stay in the trees and the other one can be only got in the Tanzanian Lake Manyara National park but the ones in Uganda offers 99% of the chances for visitors to watch them in their natural form.

There is no clear reason given to explain as to why Lions in Ishasha region climb the trees yet other lion do not and therefore your safaris to Uganda will be help to come up will the appreciate reason as to why these lions spend most of their time on top of the trees.

According to the pending suggestions given by various people , they stress out that this particular type of lions prefer climbing because they like staying in the tree branches as way of protecting and guarding themselves from the different attacks as well as bits from the dangerous tsetse flies which are roaming on the underground level.

According to others they explain that lions like climbing as well as staying up in the trees so as to get cool shade from the tree leaves and also escaping the hot climates in the underground especially during dry seasons and hence your Uganda safaris will help a lot in informing the world the reason as to why lions in Ishasha prefer climbing tress.

For any visitor seeking to have an exclusive experience with these species of lions should confirm tour and safaris to Uganda and one will not be limited to watching the lions but he or she will have chance to enjoy the views of various bird species found in Queen Elizabeth as well as the interesting fauna plus even the green natural vegetation and above all the magnificent cultural encounters with the local people living with the Ishasha sector in western part of Uganda.

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