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Estonian Ministry to Develop Tourism in Uganda-Uganda safaris News

The Estonian foreign ministry is a foreign agency that has come up with the love and decision of supporting Uganda’s tourism sector so as to have more safaris to Uganda.  The Estonian foreign ministry has it that Uganda has very many tourist attractions that can attract more safaris in Uganda so as to further develop the country.

One board member said the people of Uganda have very many things to market to the tourists so as to increase the number of Uganda safaris. These include the Uganda museum, culture, tradition and so many other unique attractions. However the local people are only marketing the Mountain gorillas that even are also used to leaving the rest behind which can still increase the number of Uganda safari.

 It was also said that Uganda is lacking the clear description of its own that has eventually delayed safaris in Uganda. The Estonian foreign ministry has therefore together with Entebbe Municipal Council begun enlisting plans for starting up a tourism information center which will help advertise tourism in Uganda and Entebbe as a tourism destination hence increasing more safaris in Uganda.

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