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Etihad Launches Debut Flights to Uganda-Uganda Safari News

etihad airways-ugandaUAE’s national airline Etihad Airways fortified its operations in East Africa region with the launch of new services between its hub Abu Dhabi and Entebbe,-which is the entry point to all travelers on  safaris to Uganda-the pearl of Africa.
The inaugural flight EY645 that was lunched departed the UAE capital at 7.50am and landed down at Entebbe International Airport on schedule at 12.50pm, where it was warmly welcomed by a delegation team consisting of representatives from the airport as well as government officials.
Managed by a two-class Airbus A320 aircraft with 16 business class and Operated by 120 economy class seats, the new service is designed to offer opportunities to both business and leisure visitors on Uganda safari tour with a direct four-times-per-week service between Entebbe and Abu Dhabi, with comfortable onward linkage to key tourists generating destinations in the GCC region, Indian Subcontinent, Europe, Southeast Asia as well as North Asia, and Australia.
The new service also offers comfortable access to the nearby Uganda’s Capital City Kampala, which is destination of its own offering unique cultural tours to different travelers on Uganda safaris.
With Uganda having an estimated population of 40 million people who are very hospital to all visitors on safari tours to Uganda, it’s an advantage to UAE’s national airline Etihad Airways because there are many Ugandans becoming middle class citizens and hence they will be undertaking flights to different UAE countries.
On the launch, James Hogan, the president and CEO, said: “Uganda is one of the continent’s fastest-growing business and tourism destinations, and the launch of services to Uganda is consistent with our strategy of targeting areas of strong growth in emerging markets.”
“The UAE is a strong trading associate to Uganda and also the UAE countries constitute the largest number of travelers who undertake safaris to Uganda .Therefore the new point-to-point services introduced will help to strengthen the two-way flow of business and leisure travelers on Uganda safari tours. The flights are also scheduled to provide easy onward connections, catering to strong traffic flows between Uganda and key destinations across our global network, such as Ahmedabad and Mumbai (India) or Beijing and Shanghai (China),” he stated.
“Not only does this service offer visitor on safaris to Uganda with direct access to an exceptional tourism attractions, it also further helps the UAE to strengthen its presence in East Africa and African continent as whole.
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