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Conservation of wildlife in Uganda is one of the biggest factors of promoting tourism in Uganda.

The wildlife especially the animals and the plants are fragile and need to be protected in order to encourage tourists to come for safaris to Uganda. This will however help in increasing the tourism revenues in Uganda.

In Uganda, it has been realised that the human beings largely depend on wild animals, the insects, birds, amphibians and many other creatures which live on the planet. Therefore it’s important to care for the wildlife since it’s the main contributor of Uganda safaris to the outside world.

It also believed that all the species, let it be big or small, animals and plants are all part of the ecosystem which are found on earth, so destroying some of the ecosystem will automatically bring about extinction and damages which destroys the environment hence bringing about reduction in the number of tourists who come for safaris in Uganda especially those interested in nature and land scape.

Many organisations have been contributing to the conservation and preservation of the environment and its ecosystems, which has helped to keep the wildlife safe from any harm which will help to provide the right environment for both the plants and the animals. These organisations include; NEMA, UWA NFA and many others, this has helped to increase the number of people who come for safaris to the pearl of Africa.

The main goal of the conservation process is to improve the lives of people around the national parks and the game reserves which have greatly helped to protect the wildlife in the protected areas. Proper management of the wildlife will help to prevent the transmission of diseases from one animal to another or from humans to animals; this is especially with the mountain gorillas which can easily get human diseases. These mountain gorillas have attracted many gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda, hence they need to be protected and conserved.

The NGOs have also worked hard at educating the people especially the local communities which live around the protected areas to be concerned about the wildlife since they also benefit through the revenues which are generated from the tourists who come for safaris with in Uganda.

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