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Experience Uganda’s beauty in Kyambura Gorge-Uganda safari news

kyambura gorgeKyambura gorge is found in queen Elizabeth National park and it’s common for chimpanzees and these have attracted many chimpanzee trekking safaris to Uganda, hence increasing more revenues to the country. There are also amazing birds and forest walks which help the tourists to get exposed to the many animals which are found in the gorge.

Chimpanzee trekking in gorge is so exciting and it has always provided an adventurous experience to the tourists. The permits are booked at UWA in advance before the trekking and they cost only 50 dollars. There is also water flowing inside the gorge with the birds signing which attract the visitors to view them at a distance.

The gorge also welcomes you with a collection of the trees where the chimpanzees play, there are also exciting tropical forest growing in a depression which leaves the tourists still wanting to stay within the gorge. The gorge was started about 10000 years ago and it has continued to attract more visitors to come for chimpanzee safaris to Uganda.

The place has continued to attract more primates, birds, wildlife and other animals which have excited the tourists who visit the gorge. However, Queen Elizabeth national park has also got other attractions which include; the boat cruise which is carried out on Kazinga channel; this provides an opportunity of viewing the water birds, hippos, crocodiles and many more, there are also both day and night game drives which are so adventurous. These have attracted many safaris to Uganda.

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