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Experience Uganda’s Nature-Uganda Safaris

hippo uganda safarisUganda has got a wonderful landscape which is magnificent with lots of species which are located in all the regions of Uganda; the central, west, east and the northern part of Uganda. Uganda’s landscape has attracted many Uganda safaris due to its savannahs, woodlands, wetalnds, habitabt forests, rivers and lakes which are spread across the country

With touring Uganda, it means witnessing the floor of the Great Rift Valley, the plains of kidepo with a variety of wildlife like the elephants, lions, and many more, there is also the slopes of the world’s largest volcanoes and the mountain ranges. All these have been a factor in attracting safaris to Uganda.

Uganda’s islands have been loved by nature lovers who come for safaris in Uganda. The islands in Uganda are filled with fresh waters which provide a great experience to the tourists. The islands are connected with the fresh lakes and the head waters of the rivers in Uganda.

rhinoUganda is filled with many Lakes with the fresh water and these have encouraged tourist activities like the Boat cruises which are enjoyed by the tourist on the safaris. Some lakes are formed from craters from volcanic activities. Uganda’s rivers are flooded with waters and are valley dammed by lava or large sides of the rift valley.

Uganda’s climate is also conducive to the tourists who travel to Uganda for safaris, its worm and hot most of the times, the climate has favoured many tourist activities to take place, and therefore tourists are free to visit Uganda anytime. This is because Uganda doesn’t experience winter which affects the tourism sector in other countries.

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