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Experience Uganda’s water bodies – Uganda Safaris & Tours


Uganda’s surface area consists of wetlands, ranging from vast inland seas and the lakes formed by the Ni

le as it drains at the centre of the country. These water bodies have attracted many Uganda safaris due to their diverse wildlife and the tourist activities carried out on the water bodies.Lake Victoria which is the world’s second largest fresh water body covers Uganda with its waters and the lake has attracted many tourists to come for safaris to Uganda, this is because there are many tourist activities which are carried out on Lake Victoria, including swimming , White water rafting, spot fishing, Bird watching on the Lake and many more activities.River Nile which is a down river in Jinja has attracted many visitors for Safari tours to Uganda because of its water rafting and game fishing, its crowning glory however is Murchison Falls, where this long river funnels through a narrow fissure in the escarpments to erupt out of the water. This river is spectacular in its own way, with its birdlife, thousands of hippos, and out sized, gape-mouthed crocodiles.Lake Bunyonyi which is one of Uganda’s most rapidly developing wetland destinations, its steep- sided shores and small islands dotted with hotels and campsites have greatly attracted many Ugandan safaris to Lake Bunyonyi. The Lake is well known for relaxation and Launch cruise can be organised at anytime for tourists.Many Lakes like ; Lake Kyoga,Lake Albert, Lake George and many others have attracted many tourists who come for safaris in order to engage in activities like, swimming, spot fishing, water rafting and viewing wildlife with in the Lakes.Lake Mburo is also another Lake that has been frequented by the visitors during their safari period in Uganda. The lake has a boat cruise which is organised for tourists so that they can have a view of water animals, like, the hippos, crocodiles, snakes, and many others.

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