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Experiencing the loviest lake in Uganda – Uganda Safari News

lake bunyonyi ugandaLake Bunyonyi also called place of many little birds is located in south western Uganda in districts of Kabale and Kisoro. The second deepest lake surrounded by small heavily cultivated mountains and also dotted with twenty nine Islands is really the loviest lake in Uganda worth to be visited by booking Safaris and Tours in Uganda. Taking safari with prime Safaris and Tours ltd  to A magical lake Bunyonyi which is characterized by being free of bilharzia and also best place for swimming makes the adventure seeking tourists to enjoy the paradise of Uganda.
The best option to get intimate with the loviest lake as described by lonely planet is through visiting the paradise of Uganda i.e. Bunyonyi and a visit will expose the tourists to the main Islands among the 29 Islands which are concentrated in the Center of the lake. Experiencing and knowing the history of the Akampene Island also known as the punishment island is more interesting and memorable experience which no visitor should miss. The Punishment Island in Lake Bunyonyi is one of the historical Islands where the natives of the area (Bakiga) used to punish the young girls who got pregnant when they were not married and this was done in accordance to the traditional valves of the Bakiga community and in this case the young girl could be dropped in small island so that she could starve and die of hunger or else when trying to swim she dies in the lake. The most interesting about this island is also that it was the only place where the man without the ability to raise cows to pay for the pride price could go and pick up the girl which was left in the island.
Having safaris and tours to Uganda enables you to visit the most striking physical feature of Bushara Island which is its unique –green forest which has an example of most impressing aspect of eucalyptus tree species which are characterized with faster growth rate. The Most notable in this island is that the island is tourism Center in the loviest lake area where tourists can find home of lake Bunyonyi company which has fueled  development in the area. The company is an organization which has strong attachment to Church of Uganda also and the main church of the lake area. The development company uses tourism fees generated from tourist activities, accommodation shelters to fund the various development projects within the areas surrounding Lake Bunyonyi. The Bushara Island has accommodation facilities for tourists and these range from Chalets to luxury tents and campsites meant for tourists stay. It is also possible to rent out canoes and sailboats with a view to paddling to one of the other islands.
Uganda Safaris presents an opportunity for visitors to visit the Kyahugye Island which is estimated to be 74 acres in size and it takes only a distance of five minutes boat ride to that main land. The island’s vegetation appears in mainly four forms i.e. tree plantations and natural vegetation with Ecucalyptus trees, Pinus species, and Cuprssus species, open fallows and bush. The most impressing about this island is that its hilltop is flat and here tourists can enjoy tourists activities such as Birding, having clear view of the nearby terraced hillsides, community walk, and above all is having full experience of Dugout Canoeing. The Kyahugye Island is the only Island among the 29 dotted islands in Lake Bunyonyi were wild life like Water bucks, Zebra, Impalas, Debrasa Monkeys, and the Kobs are found and this means that tourists have more chances of viewing the interesting wildlife only found in this Island.
Experiencing the Bucuranuka Island also known as Upside Down is most interesting trip a visitor will never forget. The island has an interesting back ground and when explained by the experienced guide one really feels the magic of Africa. The Island which is said to have killed many local people who were once brewing the local sorghum beer in the island is worth visiting. The impressing story were an old woman passed by the Island and requested the local people to give her some local beer and they wrongly thought that she was a needy and they denied her which later made them to lose their lives and only a chicken which flew away survived. Therefore the most compelling reason why visitors should book Safari to Uganda is that they can get the true story which is the fact from the true source.
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