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Experiencing Nature Walks in Bwindi National Park–Uganda Safaris News

nature walks BwindiMost travellers who take safaris and tours to Uganda come for gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and gorilla trekking is done deep in the middle of the steep, dense forest which sometimes gives hard times to some travellers but as an alternative for them they can experience nature walks which are organized in the park.
The short nature walk for tourists who are not physically fit and have less time to spend on the deep edges of the forest provides tourists with an unforgettable experience to view the various birds together with primates such as the mountain gorillas, monkeys, baboon, among others. The short nature walks are organized near two rivers i.e. River Munyanga and River Ivy.
Experiencing the River Munyanga walk provides a beautiful view of this forest accompanied with a vibrant variety of butterflies, an all-natural species of orchids as well as tree ferns plus species of epithetic ferns, and colorful – characteristic of Bwindi National forest Park. This walk takes visitors through very clear waterfalls a normal ingredient of any tropical rain forest. Actually, a walk through the Rushurra provides a wider view over the western direction of the rift valley floor and then it continues to the Virungas Park in Congo all in all offering the best panoramic view as well as being seen to both mountains Rwenzori and Lake Edward. The Muzabajirro walk provides a memorable experience into sight of Bwindi Forest, Volcanoes of Virunga and the Western arm of the Great Rift Valley. When participating in this walk, visitors can see a variety of pre-historic tree ferns especially at the head to the peak, which is the best point for simple picnic while on Uganda safari.
The ivy river walk is the longest within the Bwindi National Park and its encounter takes the whole day while on safaris and tours in Uganda. The walk which start from the Buhoma village offers tourists an appealing views almost the same as those of a standard Ugandan non-urban homestead setting within this area,
Taking Ivy river walk allows the visitors on Uganda gorilla safaris to visit the local traditional healer as well as the local banana beer brewing exhibition site and also visitors will receive fascinating cultural performance usually organized in the evening hours by the Women groups. The great opportunity here is that visitors come in face to face contact with the local Batwa people and in the process they learn the traditional norms, cultures, as well as the unique way of life of the Batwa.
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