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Exploring Akagera National Park in Rwanda-Rwanda Safari News

Akagera national parkBesides being place of thousand hills, the Republic of Rwanda is blessed with a varied natural beauty and wild life and it has been one of the very important pulling factors for travellers taking their safaris and tours in Rwanda. The natural beauty and wildlife is exhibited in the country’s national parks which are constantly visited by different travellers from all over the world.
Exploring Akagera National Park is one the experiences travellers should not miss with in their safari tour to Rwanda. The well-known national park in Rwanda (Akagera) is located near Rwanda-Tanzanian border and it’s surrounded by the magnificent waters of River Akagera and the park also acts as home to the typical grasslands of the African Savannah.
The best option to explore Akagera National Park is by booking Rwanda Safari and here visitor will be explore the pictorial natural beauty of the fresh waters of the rivers and lakes in which the park is located. The well-know Akagera National Park boats of wide combination of wildlife and therefore visitors can enjoy different activities such as game watching, chimpanzee trekking, and also visitors can have chance on good days to set eyes on the King on Jungle (Lion) roaming in the forests vegetation of the park. Among other animals which are housed in the Kagera national are the giant elephants, zebras, leopards, and sometimes human like brother the gorillas. The most interesting bit of exploring this park is that ,the visitor will have chance to see one of the largest antelopes which are only found again in the statuesque Cape eland in the whole world.
For travellers on safaris in Rwanda interested in birding, the best park to explore is Kagera because the park is habitant to some unique bird species which cannot be easily viewed in other national parks and some of them include the fish eagles, as well as papyrus ganolek and bizarre shoebill stork. The strategic location of the park near water bodies provides tourists with the opportunity to view birds while swimming in lake water, bird watching can also be done in the beautiful vegetation of the park
The national park which is estimated to be covering an area of 2, 500 square kilometer has one unique accommodation place where tourists can be receive relaxation and refreshment services which are rated to world standards. The accommodation place name is called Akagera game lodge along with others like the Ruzizi Tented Camp.
Taking Rwanda safaris and tours offers visitor chance to see the other ecosystems of Uganda’s precious Kikati game reserve as well as the unique wild life found in the Ibanda, Rumanyika game reserves of Tanzanian origin.
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