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Exploring the beauty of Lake Mburo National Park in western Uganda – Uganda Safari News

zebra lake mburo national parkLake Mburo National Park is located near the western high way that links Uganda’s Capital City Kampala to the beautiful naturally endowed national parks located in western region in Uganda and the Region which highly attracts many travellers to take safaris in Uganda.
The park which covers an estimated area of 370 square kilometres is worse exploring because it’s a gem of the park blessed with various wildlife species which are of great interest to tourists searching for wildlife experiences in the great continent of Africa. This wonderful experience can only be encountered by a traveler when he or she decides to undertake safaris to Uganda specifically to  Lake Mburo National park located in western Uganda.
The best option to have real wildlife encounter with the Ugandan Wild life is by traveller confirming his or her Uganda Safaris to Lake Mburo National Park and when visitor arrives here he or she will be welcomed with the diverse lush Vegetation of the park which ranges from short savannah grassland to the rare acacia like woodlands as well as the rock Skopje and the impressing permanent and seasonal swamps which are surrounding the park. The diverse vegetation around the park favours the survival of different wild life and plant life species which are so attractive to the world class travellers.
Exploring lake Mburo national park which comes at cost of traveller spending resources to book safari to Uganda is worth investing in because at the end of the trip, traveller will be Appreciating his decision to travel to Uganda because the visitors safari in Uganda will highly reward him with the magnificent experiences which will stay in his minds for the rest of his life time on earth. The everlasting experience comes when the visitor directly encounters the impressive wildlife that is inhabited at Lake Mburo national park. The rare interesting wildlife range from the 68 mammal species including even those  not easily found in other areas such  as  Mpalas, Burchell’s Zebras as well as the eland which can be only found in the Pearl of Africa’s Lake Mburo National Park.
Exploring this park means that the tourist on Uganda safaris will automatically enjoy watching some of the bird species from the total of 315 bird list species which are recorded in the park. Among the rare species of the birds which can be  enjoyed by the bird lover are the tall shoebill which is world’s endangered species, papyrus yellow warbler as well as the brown chested wattled plover and the African finfoot, acacia wood land bird species mostly are also represented in the park forest among other species. When exploring the park visitors are entertained with the nice sounds of the different species and also enjoy watching the beautiful colours of the different birds found in the pearl of Africa.
While at Lake Mburo national park visitors are entitled to different tourists’ activities such as the spot fishing at Lake Mburo waters, boat riding which sets off from the lake side campsite next to Rwonyo and during this ride visitors are guaranteed with views of crocodiles as well as hippopotamus living in the lake Mburo waters. Beside boat riding visitors can also enjoy other activities like guided walks which visitors to salt lick area usually visited by the wild animals.
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