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Exploring Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda-Uganda Safari News

lakeBunyonyi -UgandaLake Bunyonyi is located in a flooded valley system, which extends northwards direction from Rwanda extreme border over an estimated distance of like 25 kms and passes through the lines of the steep hills that divide the two districts of Kabale and Kisoro in south western part of Uganda. The loviest lake is one of the interesting destinations which are attracting different travellers to take safaris in Uganda and lake bunyonyi is said to have been formed late back approximately 8000 million years ago, and the process of its formation was described as a result of lava flow that emerged from one of the well-known Virunga Mountains and managed to occupy Ndego River and when it continued ,it blocked the river which is current identified as River Marko and as a result it created a dam.
The lake which covers an area of like sixty kilometer squared is a very interesting place to be explored by each and a very visitor who is planning to take safari to Uganda. The lake is the deepest lake in Uganda and the second deepest in the whole of African continent and the other interesting bit of the lake Bunyonyi is that it incorporates the Ruvuma swamp as well as other permanent marshes.
Exploring Lake Bunyonyi is very impressing and it offers memorable experience to visitors because the lake its self is dotted with total of 29 small islands which have interesting historical background of especially the local people who are the inhabitants of the land where Bunyonyi Lake is located. For number of years the lake has sold its name through the existence of various accommodation places located near the fishing areas and these lodges, Resorts, Campsites provide first class services and facilities to both local and international Uganda safari undertakes who visit the lake
Uganda safaris present opportunities for travellers to explore Lake Bunyonyi which is located at high altitude and this location is strategic in way that ensures a moderate climate characterized by becoming quite chilly in the nights as well as having a relatively low incidence of malaria. Due to the fact that the lake is free from Bilharzia, it means that visitors can have full experience of swimming in safe waters of the lake.
For visitors who are planning to book safaris to Uganda, the best place in Uganda where one can have maximum satisfaction and memorable experience of Ugandan trips is Lake bunyonyi because when  you reach this place you are assured of different tourist activities which range from canoes kayaks, bamboo walks which take visitors through guided traits, mountain bikes for travellers interested in adventure, Excursions around Bunyonyi among others.
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