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Exploring Nabajjuzi Wetland in Uganda-Uganda Safari News

birding at nabajjuziNabajjuzi wetland situated in Masaka is an important birding destination in Uganda- the pearl of Africa. The site acts as permanent home to threatened species such as the Sitatunga swamp antelope as well as the endangered species of the Shoe-bill which are all interesting species requested by many visitors while on their safari tours to in Uganda. The wetland is also permanent place for the spectacular Papyrus Yellow Warbler bird species.
Highly endowed Nabajjuzi wetland is strategically located close to the main route linking tourists on Uganda gorilla trekking safaris to the western Uganda were gorilla trekking activities are conducted in Bwindi. Nabajjuzi wetland has a great potential to satisfy tourists on their Uganda safaris because it’s highly diversified. The swamp also offers breeding grounds for lungfish and Mudfish. The famous site is positioned in indigenous Buddu County which is one of the famous counties in the cultural endowed Buganda Kingdom. The beautiful flora and fauna distributed in the areas occupied by the wetland has an attachment to Buganda cultural norms and traditions, mainly the totems of the Buganda.
Nabajjuzi Wetland is a very significant wetland in Uganda and the world at large because it protects the world endangered wildlife and bird life species. For birders on Uganda Safaris, Nabajjuzi is the best site where you can encounter the rare species of the Shoe-bill which are supported in the wetland areas of Nabajjuzi. Besides the Shoe bill, travelers on Uganda Safari tour to Nabajjuzi also have high chances of enjoying the sights of the two papyrus endemic bird species such as the Papyrus Gonolek and the Papyrus Yellow Warbler which are Lake Victoria Biome bird species.
The wetland is also an important water source to almost half one million population of people living in the nearby towns of Masaka. It also provides fish, clay used by locals to mold unique pots, papyrus used by different locals to make art and craft materials sold to different tourists on their Uganda safaris and tours. Despite the existence of unique natural features housed in the wetland, the uncontrolled illegal human activities such as waste disposal as well as the over extraction of materials from the wetland and illegal hunting of the threatened species, is critically great threat to different natural species housed in the wetland. Therefore, your safari tour to Uganda’s Nabajjuzi will help to conserve this wetland because part of the fees you pay on your safaris to Uganda is used to conserve the important sites like Nabajjuzi Wetlands.
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