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Exploring Ntusi and Bigo Bya Mugenyi Earthworks in Uganda-Uganda Safari News

Ntusi is the unique site in Uganda that is attached to the prehistoric large human settlement which roots back from the Bachwezi people dubbed to be the first people in Uganda. Despite of the fact that the proof and confirmation of iron smelting as well as ivory plus large amounts of pottery and wood carving have been discovered, one of the uncommon discoveries at Ntusi is a small fired clay cylinder covered in knobs and hence taking your safari tour to Uganda may make you to enter in the world historical people to discover the different wonders in Uganda.
The small fired cylinder that venerates the Ntusi deserves to be explored by all tourists who under take safaris to Uganda. The Ntusi Mounds which are two gigantic mounds locally dubbed as the female and male mound. Taking your Uganda safari to these site will expose you to long-ago Excavations that have been expressed to be deposits of above 300 years. The sites have various scraped downturn distributed around the surrounding village.
The remarkable Bigo Bya Mugenyi which is the largest as well as the most important archaeologically site really deserves to be explored by all the tourists planning safaris to Uganda. Bigo Bya Mugenyi literally tanslated to mean “Fort of the Stranger” but according to tradition, the earthworks were excavated to protect the Chwezi Empire from incursion from the foreign Luo from Sudan. Your Uganda safari tour to this sit will expose you to the earthworks which are deep and excavated from solid rock. Situated in the walkable distance from Uganda’s tourism town Fort Portal, Ntusi and Bigo are some world earth works which researchers and tourists should explore specially while on their Uganda safaris and tours to western part of Uganda. Ntusi and Bigo are worth visiting by any for their historical and archaeological importance.
In addition, your Uganda tour and safari will offer you an added chance to visit Munsa Earthworks that are the second largest in Uganda. The remarkable earth work derived its name from the Runyoro expression Mu-esa, which means ‘place of trenches’. The earthworks which composed of a connection of trenches are impressing and eye catching to any visitor on safari tour to Uganda. The place of interest around the earth works includes the Bikekete Hill. According to the recent discoveries made about the hill, reveal that it has an intact clay furnace used smelting iron, glass beads suggesting trade with coastal Swahili and a royal burial chamber deduced as such from the evidence of human skeletons with one underneath the other- a burial accorded kings in which a subject was buried with the King to look after him in the afterlife. At Bikekete Hill there is also a cave once inhabited by a Chwezi Prince- Kateboha. The earthworks are found in Mubende, about 40km north. In conclusion, Uganda the pearl of Africa will never lack wonders to make your Uganda safari tour memorable experience and the only thing you should do is to book safari to Uganda and you will have an opportunity to encounter the natural wonders hidden in Uganda and yet they are not seen in other countries of the world.
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