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Exploring Religious Tourism in Uganda – Uganda Safari News

bahai temple UgandaReligious tourism in Uganda has not been explored and most of the tourists who under take Safaris to Uganda are attracted with the various national parks gifted with diverse wildlife, the beautiful natural vegetation, cultural attractions but there is a lot to explore and experience as far as Religious tourism is concerned in Uganda. Therefore your visits to any of the interesting religious sites in Uganda will enable you  to have the first experience which is not explored by other travellers
Destination Uganda is blessed with various religions  which have formed different religious sites which are of much more interest to tourists interested in exploring religion in this part of the World. A Safari to Uganda will enable the visitor to encounter Namugongo shrines which is holy place rested by the catholic brothers and sister of Uganda because it’s the place where the Uganda Martyrs were buried and annually pilgrims convene here on 3 of June to celebrate the death of the Ugandan young boys and men who were killed who were killed by Kabaka Mwanga of Buganda kingdom. The site is so interesting because the guide will take you around the place and explain the stories concerning the death of the Martyrs and visitors can have chance to see and utilize the martyrs lake located in the middle of the shrine compound.
The other interesting religious site to explore is the gleaming white Kibuli Mosque which is the oldest mosque in Uganda and offers opportunities for visitors to have Panoramic view of Kampala city because its dominating Kibuli Hill and the other mosque is Gaddafi Mosque which was named after Libyan President Colonel Muhammar Gaddafi because of his recognized funding of the activities which spear headed the building of the mosque. All of these sites very captivating and interesting but Baha’I Temple is distinct and impressing on its own because it’s the only one of its kind in the whole of African continent. The architectural design of the temple is very magnifying and also what is more interesting is the green natural vegetation around the temple which gives room for visitors to relax, The Baha’i temple located on Gayaza road particularly on Kikaya hill is worse exploring because it’s the only religious site which can give Uganda safari undertakers an understanding of this interesting obscure faith.
The more prominent religious sites which tourists planning their safaris in Uganda should not miss to explore are Rubaga cathedral which is the oldest Roman Catholics diocese in Uganda and also Namirembe church which is for the Anglicans, The unique Hindu temple which is located within the city Centre of Kampala.
The only way to explore Religious tourism in Uganda is through confirming Uganda safaris and tours and here visitor will be taken to church of Villa Maria which is one of the favourable religious site providing historical theories which are very much appealing to the tourists and some visitors on appreciate days can enjoy the get together done by the Villa Maria and catholic church in remembrance of mother Mary.
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