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Exploring Ssezibwa falls in Uganda – Uganda Safari News

sezibwa falls-ugandaSsezibwa Falls strategically situated in Ssezibwa, Kyaggwe County of Buganda, along the high way from Kampala-Jinja Road in Mukono is one of the attractions enjoyed by travelers on Uganda safari tours .
The splendid and spiritual Ssezibwa Falls have for so long been one of the best natures maintained cultural sites for the traditional Buganda’s Kabakas located in the Center of Uganda. Exploring the site while on your Uganda safaris enables you to meet the “black-river water” that stumbles over the rocks into the pool below.
The traditional healer performs ceremonies for both domestic and international visitors on Uganda safaris looking for blessing inform of children, love, a successful business deal  among others. The site also has a giant tree that was planted by Ssekabaka Mwanga II to show his respect to the Ssezibwa Falls, The two historical trees considered to be sacred gifts from the Kabakas, can be explored when you book safaris to Uganda’s Ssizbwa falls. While at the site, travelers on safari tour in Uganda can enjoy a picnic and also tour the different local shrines where the local Buganda regularly visit to offer spiritual sacrifices when they are looking for blessings.
Ssezibwa Falls is a unique place that is magnificent with nice scenic view. The site has a resort where travelers on safari to Uganda can base to explore the different tourism activities carried out in the site. Tourist can spend time listening to the wonderful sounds of the falls.
Ssezibwa falls to the local Baganda are much valued than just waterfall because they attach the water falls to their culture as well as traditional belief system.
The words “sizibibwa kkubo” literally means that no obstacle can stop me from moving on and from Ssezibwa two rivers move on past the tranquil island that separates them into two streams reminding locals of the legend as to how the rivers began.
Many visitors on Uganda safari tours visit the site to enjoy the natural and beautiful unique setting of the Ssezibwa Falls. Some enjoy the sights of different bird species that venerate the surrounding environment of around Ssezibwa falls. Tourists also tend to combine Uganda safari tour to Ssezibwa Falls with a visit to Mabira Forest along with a Jinja day tour
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