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Exploring the Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park- Uganda Safaris News

kazinga Channel UgandaThough Queen Elizabeth is famously known due to wide range of wildlife, the park is also the located in the Kazinga channel which is estimated to be around 40m long connecting the two Ugandan lakes of Lake Gorge to Lake Edward which is bordered by Congo and Uganda. It channel provides the best opportunities  were visitors on their Uganda safaris can easily view the parks ‘main Big wildlife like the leopards, elephants, lions among others. The shores of the prominent lakes connected by the Channel attract  various mammals especially those that prefer living in water bodies,
The Kazinga Channel starts from the lake Edward side and it’s the most adventurous way visitor on his or her safari in Uganda can enjoy the views of various wild life and different bird species which are seen roaming in the banks of the lake.. The Launch cruise trips run at different times like at 11:00am, 2:00pm and it mainly depends on the demand of the visitors.
Taking a cruises down the Kazinga channel is the most refreshing and relaxing way travellers can maximally enjoy Uganda safaris in the national park of Queen Elizabeth. The banks of Lake Gorge are full with the wildlife like crocodiles, hippos as well as the buffalos plus the different water birds, elephants. Some of the micro-species involve the caimans as well as monitor lizards, the rare spices of the marabou storks, the entertaining weaver birds and elegant pairs of fish eagles. The only thing the traveler can do sit down and relax with the camera to take photos of the interesting wildlife species while enjoying the cruise in the Kazinga channel.
The famous Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth has different parts namely the North Kazinga side and the Kasenyi side. It’s recommended that the varied plains of impressing channel are main points or parts where one can easily view the game in the park. However Game tracking is the best option traveler can watch the wild animals in their natural form. The kasenyi part of the channel is where one can see the lions and the most remarkable time for game drives is mainly during the morning hours as well as the afternoon hours and the experienced guides ensure that visitors get relevant information about the park, animals and other activities.
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