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Exploring the Serene and Loviest Lakes of Rwanda -Rwanda Safaris News

lakes in rwandaRwanda is a small country surrounded with thousand hills  strategically positioned in the famous region of Great Lakes and the country is gifted with different magnificent and stunning serene but also loviest lakes which are bordering the country. Travellers from different walks of life and various points of the world to are taking safaris to Rwanda to enjoy the views and sights of the loviest serene lakes in Rwanda.
The small country boarding Uganda and Congo among other countries is blessed with five lakes which were formed as result of volcanism and these are situated on the border points of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The loviest lakes are stunning and composed of rare unique tourists pulling attractions and they have attracted many people to take safaris to Rwanda.
The only option one can use to explore the serene and loviest lakes in Rwanda is by booking the Rwanda Safaris. The safari to Rwanda will enable visitor to tour different lakes found in Rwanda and some of these include Lake Mugesera, Lake Ruhondo, Lake Kivu, as well as Lake Burera, Lake Ihema and Lake Muhazi . The serene loviest lakes in Rwanda Lakes provide serene environment for visitors to experience and watch the waters that flow in the lakes and also enjoy the sights of various bird life surviving in the lakes. The most impressing tourist activities one can enjoy in the lakes are swimming since the lakes are declared to be Bilharzia free, tourists can also enjoy adventurous activities like Canoeing, Rafting in the water rapids of the lakes waters and the experience got by the visitors is unexplainable and always it goes beyond the visitor’s expectations.
The most attractive and prominent lake which no visitor should miss visiting is the Kivu Lake which is the biggest of all the five loviest and serene freshwater body lakes in the famous country Rwanda. Sparing time to visit the interesting and wonderful Kivu Lake when one is spending his or her safari in Rwanda offers exceptional magical experience because the lake is covered and full of green terraced hills which are vertical.
The experience visitor gains from taking Rwanda Safaris to explore the serene lakes is enhanced by the resort towns which are located near the lakes and these offer unique facilities and services. The towns located in these lakes have recreation centers like beaches; Resort lodges where tourists seeking for relaxation and refreshment can maximally enjoy their stay in Rwanda.
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