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Exploring Uganda’s diverse climate- Uganda safaris News

climate-ugandaUganda the pearl of Africa is generally gifted with diverse natural climates and these have favoured the growth of various natural resources for tourism which are fuelling many safaris to Uganda.
Uganda as country in east Africa is crossed by equator and hence making the country to experience an equatorial climate which is characterised with moist, hot as well as the modified type by altitude. The country gifted by various climate types receives a lot of sunshine and this has acted as pulling factor for travellers from continents like Europe to undertake safaris in Uganda as way of escaping the winter season in their country. Most of the travellers travelling to Africa mainly seek for countries with 3S i.e. Sun as well as Sand and the Sea so that they can enjoy activities such as sun bathing in the sandy beaches. Tourists coming to Africa always look for destination with 3S that is Sun, and spend time relaxing and refreshing in this destination. This has made Uganda the one best destination because of the diverse climate.
Exploring the diverse climate of Uganda is very interesting because the climate in the country greatly influences distribution and the cover of the natural vegetation. For instance in uganda the great Northern region is blessed with the semi-arid climate characterised with hot as well as dry climate. This type of climate has favoured the growth of savannah type of vegetation which has sustained the survival of savannah wild life such as the King of Jungle (Lion), African Elephants, leopards as well as the buffaloes and the giraffes plus even the antelopes. These species of animals can be viewed in the Beautiful Kidepo national park and the largest national park in Uganda Murchison falls national park which has attracted many safaris to Uganda.
The Dry season in Uganda is the best season for trekking down the wild animals surviving in the Uganda’s dense forests like the Bwindi impenetrable forests, Kibale among others.
During these dry seasons the weather roads are accessible but during wet seasons the roads in most of the remote areas where the national parks are located become inaccessible and even posing a challenge to visitors trekking the wild animals like gorillas because trails in the forest become slippery and muddy. The dry seasons also favours tourists who under take Uganda safaris because drying this season it’s easy to see the wild especially in the specific water points where animals frequent to drink water.
Uganda is also gifted with the tropical climate and this plays tremendous role of maintaining the snows on Mountain Rwenzori also called the mountains of the mountain which is then most stunning physical feature attracting many tourists to books safaris in Uganda because the travellers are interested in enjoying the cool climate zones experienced in the top of the mountain and the rare vegetation zones which are distributed in various altitudes in the Mountain.
The tropical climate has also favoured the growth of the beautiful rain forests for instance Bwindi impenetrable forest .The climate facilitates the growth of various tree species like bamboo forest and other green plant species which at the end have acted as habitats and food for the world wide critically endangered species of the interesting rare mountain gorilla .The existence of the mountain gorillas in the tropical climate has attracted different travellers from various corners of the world travel to Uganda in order to participate in the gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda.
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