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Exploring Uganda’s hospitable People and their unique Culture – Uganda Safari News

uganda culture-imageIn most times Uganda as tourism destination comes on the world map of tourism due to its distinctive tourist’s attraction which range from the wildlife and the beautiful scenic beauty of the country. The pearl of Africa Uganda is generally gifted with various natural resources for tourism and some on these include the  variety of ecosystems, beautiful landscape, as well as the climates and these are responsible for many Uganda safaris. However little has been explored about the hospitable people of Uganda and their unique culture and yet it’s  where tourists can have full enjoyment of their safaris in Uganda.

Most of the Ugandans mainly live in the rural areas in Uganda and the total percentage constitutes of 80% of the total population .Therefore exploring these people in their rural local areas pays a lot to any traveler who spares their time to book safaris to Uganda. The safari to rural areas in Uganda will enable the visitor to explorer the traditional customs as well as the lifestyle of the local hospitable Ugandans. A visit to this part of the world will directly add spices to the tourists’ experiences.

Ugandans are very hospitable, welcoming, charming people and people with good reputation .Therefore any travel to Uganda should spare time to visit these local Ugandans and the experience the visitor can get is memorable because the country is made of various tribes and each tribe has its own traditional customs as well as their unique way of life.
The impressing customs of the local Ugandans are kept alive by various nice colourful ceremonies which are celebrated in respect to specific important historical events.

Having cultural encounter with the Ugandan people offers visitors with the opportunity to enjoy dancing as well as the enjoying traditional music which characterises the life of Ugandans. The most charming aspect of Ugandans is that they receive even their enemies or strangers as their close friends and they treat visitors with happiness, honest, and above all respect to each and every visitor including  children. During times of music performances, visitors are welcomed to join the locals in their traditional dances and sing their traditional songs and hence Uganda is the only country where the visitors can enjoy staged authenticity in form of culture.
Besides cultural experiences visitors under taking safaris in Uganda can also choose from the various uncountable local traditional hand craft and art pieces. These interesting crafts are mostly made out of local materials which are mainly sold to tourists mainly along the way or in the villages .A part from that, visitors can also visit various cultural centers located in various parts of the country For example in Kampala one can visit Kasubi Royal Tombs, Wamala tombs among others.

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