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Facts about a Uganda safari game drive

If you planned for a Uganda wildlife safari, a game drive must be one of the key activities on your itinerary. However, do you know about a Uganda safari game drive? This guide is here to answer all your questions.

What is a Uganda safari game drive?

A game drive is a safari activity done within vast plains of either a safari game park or wildlife conservation area using a 4×4 safari vehicle in order to get the best spots for game viewing and photography.

It can literally be described as a drive through large number of wildlife for close viewing. For a wildlife safari in Uganda, a game drive is one of the highlights of any wildlife safari.

Its only during a game drive that you will see wonderful local wildlife of that specific area. These may include lions, rhinos, elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, leopards or even run along a cheetah.

A sunset Uganda wildlife safari game drive in Kidepo
A sunset Uganda wildlife safari game drive in Kidepo

At what time is a Uganda wildlife safari game drive done?

A game drive can be done at any time of the day. This is why there are different types of game drives.

The morning game drive

A morning game drive is done in the early morning hours of as early as 6:00am. This will depend on the national park and where the ranger expects the animals to be. By the time the scorching sun is out you will already be in your hotel.

The Evening game drive

These game drives start in the evening by around 3:00pm. This is convenient when you have a different safari activity in the morning.

The night game drive

This is the only way to sight nocturnal animals, if you really need to see the night specials. Your ranger will carry a bright torch light which will bring the forest to day light. This can be done in   Murchison Falls National Park, Lake Mburo National Park and Toro-Semuliki game reserve.

Full day game drive

Full day game drives mean a whole day in the wild, this is the best experience. For a full day game drive, a tourist needs to carry packed lunch with them. Remember to wear a hat and light clothing.

When taking any time game drive, be ready to have a mix of the exciting and heart-breaking moments as the animals play around as well as the predators chasing after their prey.

Where is a game drive done?

Most of the times the game drives are done in the Uganda safari parks or game reserves. These four spots are the best for a memorable game drive

Queen Elizabeth National Park game drive is done at the north kazinga plains, kasenyi and the Ishasha. Here there’s a great opportunity to have a glimpse at the antelopes, buffaloes and elephants along with the warthogs and bold baboons. As you have a drive through the park the sounds of the elephant around the crater filled valleys is so amazing and relaxing. The small cats can best be seen on night drives through the park.

Kidepo valley national park in the far east of Uganda with its rugged savanna allows the drive through the open park with sighting of the lions that maybe on the valley’s various rocks. Other game that can be sighted at the park are the elephants, leopards, bush duiker, jackal, ostrich, bush buck and buffaloes.

Murchison Falls National Park gives a clear view of the wild game and best opportunity to take your memorable pictures because of the short grasses. A pride of lions and fortunately the leopard can be sighted in the evening.

Semuliki National Park game drives are the perfect way to have a glimpse at the diverse wildlife species like the forest elephants, buffalos, leopards and chimpanzees. The 11 endemics of the park like the pygmy antelopes and 2 flying squirrel species with the rare peculiar water chevrotain are also sighted.

Don’t hesitate to take a game drive during your safari because it’s the best time of a Uganda wildlife tour. Just choose the perfect time for you.


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