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Fast jet envisions enormous growth in the east African community – Uganda safari news

The Fast jet which is one of the low cost airlines operating in the region is famously known for offering affordable tickets to a range of travelers including those on safaris to Uganda. The Pan African Airline is as a result embarking on the move to increase the load factor though offering tickets at lowest prices.
The consumer survey conducted by the fast jet team about the short comings that the consumers face while booking the flights, the highly priced tickets were raised most. This at times was attributed by agents’ interest to earn much margin. This in turn invigorate the Fast jet team to work towards creating awareness in order to ensure that passengers including the Uganda safari undertakers are going to attain the best value for the amount spent on these tickets. This was noted by the East African General Manager Jimmy Kibati.
Fast Jet which is known to have commenced its operations two years past from Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam as its hub derives its business model from the Easy jet formula that was put together by the British Greek Cypriot Sir Stelios Haji – Ioannou a re-known business man and currently a multimillionaire. He is part of the Fast Jet as the biggest shareholder.
The Fast Jet has started to spread across its wings across Africa and it already makes flights to Uganda, South Africa, Zambia, Rwanda, Kenya and Zimbabwe. On domestic routes, the carrier is doing very well with a modest charge of $20 on a one way ticket on certain routes though excluding the airport and government taxes. The International flights stretch to $50 including those that bring in those passengers that are at times connecting to Uganda to undertake their Uganda safaris and tours including the gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda.
It can be noted that affordable air travel is seen as a significant factor in the continents economic growth most especially in the tourism and business sectors. Therefore, the Fast Jet’s initiative to build a wider customer base using price as their strength is seen as a contribution to the continents growing economy and a key strategy to maintain enormous growth in the region.

Fast Jet carried 68,088 passengers in the first quarter of 2015 attaining a load factor of 73%. The load factor which is given as the ratio of the paid up passengers on a given flight to the seats available, the fast jet notes that it is the highest of its kind ever since the carrier commenced its operations. Because of its low cost fares, it is believed that Africans will increasingly get access to affordable air travel which would in turn stimulate their travel including taking safaris in Uganda.
The East African Community which apparently is running a vigorous integration project creating border-less boarders with free trade zones, single tourism visa, and pass port free travel among the citizens among others is seen as a rich market pool in which a carrier like Fast Jet can build its potential attaining the peak.
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