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Foods to try out before you leave Uganda – Uganda safari news

Nyama chomaDo you like to eat; well I personally love to eat. And I have a few favorite dishes that I could uncomplainingly eat for the next many years of my life. We travel a lot, and the familiar and unfamiliar foods we eat while on the road greatly add or reduce on our levels of pleasure.
There are just so many unique known and unknown foods that define countries, regions and continents around the world today, ranging from the Italian Pizza, El Salvador’s baby shrimps, the authentic American burgers, to the spice in Mexican tacos and tortas and Indian Panjabis. Well it doesn’t matter whether you love or don’t love to eat; I am putting up a dining to-do list for you while on your Uganda tours and Safaris. But the first precaution I have for you is to make sure that you can order the dishes from a descent and clean eating area.
Matooke is one of the common foods you’ll most definitely hear Ugandans ordering for on a daily basis. Matooke is similar to plantain and perfectly resembles a yellow banana but in a green color. It is harvested in a bunch, and then peeled excellently mostly by ladies. Some people prefer it boiled, others fried while the majority prefer to cover it with banana leaves and just steam it. The result is a yellow soft tasty cake which can be eaten with almost any sauce. You will get a better opportunity to eat this food when your Safari and Tour in Uganda is still around the Kampala region.
Kalo is a dish made from mingling millet and cassava flour with well boiled water. The result is a brown (sometimes sticky) piece which can be eaten with sauces like fish, beef stew and chicken.
Nsenene (the luganda word for grasshopper) is a seasonal dish due to the migrating nature of the dominant members of the recipe (the grasshoppers). If you ate these fried grasshoppers while being blindfolded, you wouldn’t believe the lip-licking crispy taste. If your Uganda Safari Tour is scheduled at a time when they are in plenty, you’ll be lucky to enjoy at least a thousand grasshoppers.
Make sure to find some well-done Muchomo/Nyama Choma (barbeque). Like preparing marshmallows, pieces of meat (whether cow or goat) are placed on a stick or metallic rod and then put over the fire to roast. By calling it barbeque, I am not being honest about the real taste. I have tasted both barbeque and Muchomo, and I am still researching on what it is that these chefs put in the Muchomo that makes it so tasty.
My shortlist ends with a few fruits. On your Uganda Safari, try to inquire from your guide about where you can get some good Fenne (jackfruit). Fenne is actually the biggest fruit that is tree-borne, so don’t be bashful; have as much as you can. I also recommend paw paws, mangoes and the authentic taste of the ripe yellow bananas. After tasting Uganda’s bananas (which actually are available almost everywhere you go) you’ll agree with me that inorganic bananas taste pathetic! So that’s my long-short dining to-do list to guide your holiday.

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