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Forests in Rwanda-Rwanda safari News

forest in rwandaRwanda has two forests which are Nyungwe forest and Gishwati forest. These are places of attraction to the tourists while on their safaris in Rwanda. These are habitats to many wild animals in Rwanda that attract tourists to come to Rwanda. The forests therefore need to be preserved so as to maintain the number of animals hence increase more safaris to Rwanda.

Nyungwe Forest is found in the southwestern part of Rwanda. The place covers up the rainforests, swamps, bamboo, bogs, grasslands and others. The forest has the Nyungwe forest National Park with many animals, birds, reptiles, mammals and so many others which attract tourists to come for Rwanda safaris. The place is also full of plants that the animals feed on.

Gishwati Forest is found in the North Western part of Rwanda which is also visited by tourists on their Rwanda safari. The forest that had 250,000 acres was however reduced to 1,500 acres during the genocide. The place was used for subsistence farming and other uses. Fortunately there is reforestation today which has increased the forest to 2,500 acres hence attracting more Rwanda safaris.

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