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portalFort Patiko is found in Gulu district, northern Uganda. The fort as very many history attached which can increase safaris in Uganda

Fort Patiko was built by Sir Samuel Baker as a military Fort in order to stop slave trade. The Arabs in their search for trading venues stumbled upon Ocecu Hill present-day Gulu district and they came up on Ocecu hill and built three huts to assist as stores for ivory, foodstuffs and ammunition as well as skins and hides. Slave from northern Uganda and southern Sudan were key item in their trade and Ocecu became the place for sorting slave.

After Baker Left, the fort was used by Emin Pasha and Charles Gordon while they served as governor of the equatorial province of the British Uganda protectorate which even makes it more of a reason to visit the Site. Developing Fort Patiko as a tourism site will increase safaris to Uganda.

The Skeletons of the fort remain Patiko sub-county, Gulu district which can become a place for historical attraction. Patiko is a beautiful place where mountains and hills grace her extensive vegetation and thus attracting safari visits to Uganda.

 In Patiko, dark spots believed to be blood stains of slaves, can also be seen on the rock. The Fort witnessed terror from Arab slave trade dealers who would behead slaves we cannot reach the market place in Egypt, but the natural beauty of the place, rose above its dark history and can provide tourists with the chance to feel the beauty felt my the early explorers and thus increasing safari tours to Uganda.

Uganda safaris offers you the chance to visit Fort Patiko so as to feel the beauty of the place.

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