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Having full Martyr’s experience at Uganda Martyrs Shrine – Uganda Safari News

Uganda Martyrs shrine NamugongoUganda Martyrs shrine Namugongo is religious site in Uganda where a number boys and men who had received and accepted the word of Jesus Christ and had courage to live and defend the gospel of Jesus Christ were killed and buried. Today increasing number of religious tourists from different corners of Africa and the world all over take safaris to Uganda to visit this holy place.
The Namugongo shrine is a unique site encountered on Uganda safaris in the way that a total of 24 Catholic Uganda Martyrs were buried in this place and of which 22 of the martyrs were killed in the year between 1885 and 1887 by Kabaka Mwanga who was the king of Buganda kingdom by then. A total of 13 martyrs were burnt into ashes in Namugongo and therefore spending time to visit this religious shrine is something very scared and blessing to every religious travellers. The two martyrs were speared and died in place called Paimolin in the district of Gulu in the Northern part of Uganda in the year 1918 and they beatification process for these two was led by Pope John Paul11 on the month of October, year 2002.
Taking a Uganda safari particularly to Namugongo shrine will enable tourist to enjoy their religious travel in Uganda. Upon reaching Namugongo visitors are taken by the around Namugongo to tour and see the various interesting things in this site and among them include visiting, The Uganda Martyrs’ shrine Lake, Relics located in the middle of the site, visitors are also taken around the compound that annually absorbs millions of pilgrims on Martyrs Day which is in the month of June 3. From there tourists are requested to sit in specific place where they will explained the interesting story of the Martyrs and this will involve the causes of death, dates they were martyred and places, their date of beatification among other exciting stories.
Travellers on Uganda Safaris in Namugongo make this authentic experience by giving tourists chance to have some time to have prayers from the Shrine and also was their hands, feet with the holy water from the Martyrs’ lake and after that the experience continues when the tourists are taken to other place were Martyrs were killed and this site is located in different area apart from Namugongo. In this site visitors will have chance to see the monuments built at in remembrance of were these Martyrs were killed. The list of Martyrs killed outside Namugongo involves; Balikuddembe Mukasa Joseph, Athanasius Bazzekuketta, who were killed in Kampala City near market called St. Balikuddembe, among other people.
When the tourists are done with touring all the interesting sites while on safari in Uganda, they are guided to the souvenir shop where they can have view of the photos, books as well as articles of written about Uganda Martyrs, paintings and all these can be owned by tourists upon paying for them. Also tourists can get pilgrim certificates from this shop for their own benefit and more so acts as something to show others in their family that they visited the holy Namugongo shrine in the Pearl of Africa-Uganda.
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