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Gaining out of mountain gorillas in Uganda- Uganda Safaris

Mountain gorillnational parks in ugandaas are continuously rising in the whole world; these endangered species live in the two regions of central Africa and they are closely related to humans. These primates have attracted many gorilla trekking safaris, since people have made an extra effort to conserve them.

Because of the conservation carried out against the gorillas, gorilla tracking safaris have been increasing in Uganda in the past years. The results are proving positive since the number of mountain gorillas has increased in Uganda. Gorillas have increased due to the great work of the conservationists who have ensured their good health in the forests.

Uganda is gaining a lot of revenue from the gorilla trekking safaris which are carried out in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. This is because Uganda Wildlife Authority sells Permits directly without reducing the price which helps in sustaining all revenue collected thus helping in the conservation of the mountain gorillas in Uganda.

Mountain gorillas which live in Uganda have been kept in  National parks, that’s, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park in order to ensure more protection and care to these endangered species. The mountain gorillas in Bwindi total to 400 and they have formed 36 social groups and they are mostly led by 16 male gorillas. A gorilla safari to Uganda will expose you these groups which have got different characteristics.

Mountain gorillas are considered to be social animals and they always live in groups, the leader is the dominant older male who is responsible at organising the group for hunting and nesting. The male nearly weighs 500 pounds and is 6 feet tall; the males are sometimes called the silverbacks because of the silver hair that they develop on their backs which makes them dominant in the groups. They always depend on one another, and now they are depending on humans to help keep them alive in their habitants. These mountain gorillas have attracted many gorilla visits to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which has helped to develop the tourism sector.

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