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Game Drives in National Parks-Uganda safari News

entelope - CopyUganda has got a lot of activities which tourists enjoy while on their safari visits to Uganda. These are very interesting activities which therefore prompt travelers to enjoy more tours in Uganda. These therefore include the launch cruise, game drives, nature walks, cultural encounters, hot springs visit, gorilla trekking, tree climbing lion tracking plus chimpanzee tracking and so many other activities which make tourists happy on their safari tours to Uganda.

A game drive is an interesting activity which is carried out in National Park in Uganda while on Uganda safaris. This is where visitors get on the track and drive through the National park as they view different animal that are found in the National Park. There are many animals that you can view while carrying out this activity hence making your visit to Uganda the best.

The animals you may see while carrying out the activity on your Uganda safari include the Elephant, Giraffe, Antelope, Buffaloes, Birds and so many others. However the morning game drive is better because a tourist sees the animals as they are living their places where they live going to their feeding areas. This is so interesting to watch and tourists usually have pictures of the animals they want and they show them to their friends as they go back hence attracting them to come and also tour Uganda.

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