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Game rangers contributing in poaching activities-Uganda safari News

poachingThe park rangers in Uganda’s National Parks are among the people who participate in poaching activities therefore reducing the number of animals in the park hence leading to reduced safaris to Uganda. These kill animals like the elephants, buffaloes, gorillas, chimpanzees and so many others. However this act is being fought since it reduces Uganda safaris therefore a threat to the tourism sector in Uganda.

Game rangers assist the poachers to trap the animals in the forests and they are given bribes due to the reason that some are paid less salary and some not paid. They find this easy because they best know the weaknesses of each animal, where they feed from, what they feed on, where they gather from and therefore can easily get the knowledge of killing these animals.  This has therefore resulted into increased loss of animals hence reducing gorilla safaris to Uganda due to loss of wildlife animals.

The game rangers kill the animals using traps, poison and many ways. The poachers get meat from this, horns, ivory and also money as sell all these. However as they get all this and are happy, the tourism sector is just declining because the tourists find no reason to come for Uganda safari due lack of attractions . The Uganda Tourism Board is therefore working hard to arrest the game rangers and poachers as well who participate in this act so as to teach others a lesson and make sure poaching is no more so as to have more gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda and boost the tourism sector as well.

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