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Giraffes- kidepo valley national park



The Pearl of Africa Uganda would not be better described without talking of the magical Kidepo Valley National Park and its offerings which qualify it among the popular Uganda safari tour sites.

Though many would first think of giant elephants – the members of African big five when it comes to remarkable herbivores in Kidepo, the virgin wilderness of Kidepo presents more than that. Standing as the world’s tallest mammal and the largest ruminant, the Giraffe features a camel like shape along with a colouring like that of a leopard, browsing to the higher layers of trees facilitated by its long neck as viewed on safaris in Uganda.

The Giraffes are remarkably tall with even the new born babies taller than some of the human beings. Its towering height never disappears in the park since even at the time of giving birth; it remains standing and maintains the similar posture while sleeping. These Uganda tour products are re-known for featuring 10minutes to 2 hours of sleep making it the single mammal with very short sleeping requirements.

The young one of a Giraffe can stand within half an hour after its birth and following a period of 10 hours, they can run along with their families. These young ones stay in the Nursery groups up to when they are 5 months old as they play and rest with their mothers.

The extensive savannah landscapes of Kidepo are gifted with these social and peaceful animals that hardly engage in any fighting. The male necking behaviour where they hit necks last for a few minutes and hardly causes any injury. Necking is one of the interesting aspects among Giraffes that always astonishes the travelers on Uganda Safaris and tours visiting Kidepo. Giraffes feature distinct spot patterns while their tongues are over 45cm.

Kidepo National Park is believed to possess an estimate of 36 giraffes that graze freely in the park. Other destinations in Uganda where Giraffes are found include; Murchison Falls National Park to the north west of the country and Lake Mburo National Park to the Uganda’s south west after they were trans-located in 2015.


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