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golden monkeys in mgahingaRestricted to the highland bamboo areas of East and Central Africa in four National parks, can we only find the world’s endangered Golden Monkeys. Tourists will only see these monkeys in three African countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo DR. Like many other monkeys, the local people call them enkima in Uganda and the Banyarwanda use the word Inkima to mean the same.
Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is a refuge to these little adorable creatures, a total of sixty (60) habituated golden monkeys which can be seen by tourists during the Mountain Gorilla Safaris and Tours in Mgahinga National Park.
Like their name, these monkeys really glitter like gold. They have a round face, dotted with two cute bright eyes and with a soft golden fur coat. Their faces also have a golden color and when illuminated by the sun, your camera can never fail to capture the golden “golden monkeys”. The males are darker than the females.
A Uganda Primate Trekking Safari and Tour will lead tourist to the highlands where these “pieces of gold” like to stay. They have the resilience to live at an altitude higher than any other primate (4,500 meters) although a number of times they bring their settlements lower when the conditions become too cold up high.
Incredibly, the golden monkeys give birth to live young ones; which are born with their fur and eyes open unlike a number of other mammal . Also at birth, the mother eats the placenta and cleans up its young (you wouldn’t expect Golden monkey to be a bit gross); no need for a midwife.
Like the mountain gorillas’ families, the golden monkeys live in communities ranging from 3 to 62 members. They never walk alone and therefore build strong social ties with other members of the community. Mgahinga’s habituated group is becoming more and more used to people with an increase in Primate Trekking Tours and Safaris in Uganda to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Their swift nature of movements makes it challenging to click at the right time to take the perfect photo, but once trapped by the lenses, a tourist will have taken a photo to remember.
The golden monkeys are the perfect complement of the famous mountain gorillas in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Seeing the Nyakagezi mountain gorilla family and then seeing the golden monkeys; or seeing the golden monkeys and then seeing the Nyakagezi mountain gorilla family paints a beautiful magical image of silver and gold in the mind of the tourist about a Uganda Safari and tour he will never wish to forget. It doesn’t matter in which sequence you see the mountain gorillas and the golden monkeys; either way, tourists should prepare to make jaw-dropping observations of the beauty in Uganda’s smallest National Park (Mgahinga). The golden monkeys share their illuminations with Mgahinga National Park, lighting it up and making it glitter as beautiful as Gold.

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