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Gorilla conservation in Rwanda-Prime Uganda Safaris

gorilla trekking safariGorilla conservation is an important practice in protecting mountain gorillas in Rwanda, and it has been carried out by many conservationists who have come up with different strategies of conserving and preserving mountain gorillas which has helped to increase gorilla tracking safaris to Rwanda.
Rwanda has tried encouraging conservation of mountain gorillas through creating awareness to the local people who live around the parks or around the gorilla habitants, so that they can be able to understand the importance of conserving mountain gorillas in Rwanda. This will in turn help to increase on gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda.
Ecotourism which is the practice of carrying out tourism without affecting the environment and the animal has also been carried out by the Rwanda management of park volcano so that the practice of gorilla adventures can be managed in the right way so as to preserve for more mountain gorilla safaris to Rwanda.
The Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Project which is also an eco tourism project which is to attract tourists to trek the free ranging gorillas so as to finance the support of preserving the mountain gorilla habitants. This project of the mountain gorilla has also worked in creating awareness among all the Rwandans about the importance of gorilla conservation which has helped to increase the number of gorillas hence increased gorilla tracking safaris.
Conserving of mountain gorillas in Rwanda was also based on community involvement which was considered to be a central focus of achieving the objective of preserving and conserving. This mainly focused on the implementation of the conservation programmes without bring effect to the lands of the local people, this however worked well and helped to increase the number of mountain gorillas in the park as well as increased gorilla visits .
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