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gorilla family in RwandaOn the 1st Of July 2014, Rwanda will be celebrating the birth of her 18 baby gorillas at the 10th anniversary of Kwita Izina, where gorilla naming ceremony is done annually and also an important place for tourists while on their safaris to Rwanda.

Gorilla naming ceremony is an event were very new born baby gorilla is given a name has an identification and also to monitor each of the gorillas. This strategy is to help in conserving and monitor the number of gorillas in Rwanda. The strategy was adopted from the ancient Rwanda tradition where every new born baby is given name.

According to Ambassador at the Rwanda tourism board Yamina Karitanyi, head of tourism and conservation, the year’s theme is A Decade: Conserving-Empowering-Growing

According to him, the event will not only be on celebrating the birth of the endangered species but also the efforts of organizations, nations and individual  involved in the preservations of these rare species therefore an important event to enrich your safaris in Rwanda

Thanks to the Rwanda government and Rwanda’s community who have led to conservation to a 26.3% increase in the gorillas’ population. Tourism in Rwanda has experienced a remarkably growth over the past few years. In the last years event, the country hosted 1, 137, 000 visitors who generated $294m from $62m in 2000. All this is attributed to the attractiveness of the country thus a must visit destination while on your safari visits in Africa.

Rwanda safaris offer tourists the chance to enjoy this celebration and to become Part of the gorilla families and conservationist.

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