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mountain gorillasMountain gorilla trekking is one of the lucrative tourist activities in both Uganda and Rwanda as these tourism resources are only found in three countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo and because of instabilities, Congo is not well set for this activity. The National Parks of Bwindi and Mgahinga for the sake of Uganda and Volcanoes for the sake of Rwanda form a perfect ground for this activity.
It is important to note that a traveler on Uganda trekking safari or gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda has no opportunity to encounter gorillas if he / she is not equipped with a fully booked gorilla trekking permit. The  permit is a mere document/card that is issued by the respective regulatory bodies giving the travelers full rights to undertake the gorilla tracking experience in any of the respective National parks in these two countries.
As a result of increased demand for mountain gorilla tracking, it is very important to reserve your permit in advance which does not only enable you to have the trekking encounter but also gives you an opportunity to choose your favorite tracking region and family to trek for the case of Uganda. And if you have done this preparation in time and the gorilla permit is fully booked and payments made, the gorilla trekking encounter can be guaranteed holding other factors constant.
In Uganda, the tracking permits are issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) headquarters on Kiira road Kampala for Bwindi permits and UWA Mgahinga National Park headquarters for Mgahinga permits while in Rwanda, the gorilla permits can be acquired at ORTPN offices in Kigali and Ruhengeri.
The prices of the gorilla permits tend differ regarding seasons. For example in Uganda, the permit for trekking gorillas cost $600 for foreign nonresidents, $500 for foreign residents and 250,000/= for East African residents for the peak season. In the low season especially November, there are promotional offers where gorilla trekking permits go for $350 for foreign residents, $250 for foreign residents and 100,000/= for East African citizens. The price of gorilla tracking permits in Rwanda is $750 for foreign nonresidents, $375 foreign residents and 30,000Frw for Rwandan citizens. This information works towards guiding travellers planning Uganda gorilla safari holidays or gorilla safari tours in Rwanda.
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