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Gorilla trekking experience in Rwanda-Rwanda gorilla Safaris News

gorilla safaris -rwandaThe country of thousand hills Rwanda is famously well- known for the rare mountain gorilla species conserved and protected in the country’s beautiful Volcanoes national Park situated in the north east part of Rwanda and its neighboring Mgahinga Park in Uganda and Virunga Park in Congo. Currently the tourism sector in Rwanda is lining and much hopeful on so much on the Rwanda Gorilla safaris because almost all safaris to Rwanda seek for permits to trek the mountain gorillas.
Volcanoes national park in Rwanda is a  house to around 400 mountain gorillas accounting to half of the total population of the mountain gorillas left in the whole world. The existence of almost half of the mountain gorillas provides visitors to Rwanda chance to enjoy trekking mountain gorillas and the experience one gets  more interesting and impressing because the activity is done in the beautiful volcanoes national park which is endowed with the wonderful sites of the Virunga massifs.
Gorilla Safaris and tours in Rwanda are mainly carried out in the various habituated gorilla groups in precious Volcanoes protected area. The impressing species of the mountain gorillas in country of thousand hills Rwanda have increased and hence attracting many gorilla safaris and tours because the tourist can easily watch and enjoy the memorable time with gorillas in their natural habitat. The rewarding activity of searching for mountain gorillas involves visitors hiking from one corner of park ‘s hills and sloping the valleys and in the journey they enjoy the views of different bird species found along the trails, also some micro small wildlife can be watched.
The wonderful ,long lasting experience comes when the tourists after long hours of hikes, sets the naked eyes directly in contact to the big round eyes of mountain gorillas who looks at human beings with an intelligent mind while the looks are expressing that they are peace to human beings. The face to face encounter with gorilla removes and rubs all the fear and the naked lies talked about the mountain gorillas and with the range of one hour which visitors are allowed to spend with mountain gorillas, each and very visitors leaves when he or she is requesting for more time to spend with the mountain gorillas due to their friendly nature.
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