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Gorilla trekking experience in Rwanda-Rwanda Safari News

gorilla trekking safaris-rwandaThough called the country of thousand hills, Rwanda is popularly known for its mountain gorilla species protected in the country’s Volcanoes national Park located on the border s of Rwanda and her neighboring countries like Uganda and Congo. In the present day, Rwanda’s tourism sector is so much dependent on the Gorilla trekking safaris since most of the travellers visiting the country are attracted to come and trek the interesting Mountain gorilla.
From the estimated number of 800 mountain gorillas that are said to be remaining in the whole world, Rwanda’s volcanoes national park houses almost half of the world endangered species and the other half can be found in Uganda’s endowed Bwindi National park. Therefore this only leaves travelers interested in gorilla trekking experiences to choose between the two destinations and to your own advantage booking your Gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda will offer you the advantage to spend one magical hour with these close relatives of human beings.
Gorilla tours in Rwanda are mostly done in the different habituated gorilla families in Volcanoes National Park and these are found on the slopes of the five main Volcanoes such as Karisimbi, Sabyinyo as well as the Bisoke and the Muhabura. The total numbers of gorillas in Rwanda have been continuously increasing and this is attributed to the government’s efforts of reducing wildlife poachers especially the world endangered species of the Mountain Gorillas. The local community participation in the conservation process of natural resources has made them to gain tangible benefits since they are given certain percentage of income earned from fees paid by tourists when entering protected areas and in return locals have now adopted simple life to co-live with the wild life. The increase in the population of gorillas in Rwanda has played tremendous role in uplifting tourism earnings in the country because the demand for Gorilla safaris and tours in Rwanda is high.
Due to the fact that gorillas keep moving ,the location of the specific gorilla group also keeps on changing from time to time and therefore under taking Rwanda gorilla safaris will enable visitor to have memorable experience because trekking gorillas in the Volcanoes national park will require visitors hiking or moving from one side of the park to the other in search of the gorillas and through these tire some movements visitors are rewarded with the views of the interesting African vegetation, other interesting wildlife before setting eyes on the mountain gorillas.
The best experience comes when the visitor finally after hectic walk for the first time in life history sets eyes directly with the large eyes of silverback gorilla who usually responds too by looking back direct on the visitor’s eyes with an intelligent gaze as well as mindful thinking that you’re another individual. During this time the fear and nerves that visitors usually have before seeing gorilla is washed away by the peaceful looks and behaviors of the mountain gorilla and here visitors will come to appreciate that Gorilla trekking safari tours in Rwanda provide a magical experience that no any other tourism destination can offer to traveller.
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