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Gorilla trekking Experience in Rwanda –Rwanda Safari News

Rwanda gorilla safarisThe country which is described to be small and also gifted by nature . Rwanda is positioned in the Central and Eastern Africa. Besides the a thousand Hills as is well known for, the beautiful country is also endowed with the world’s rare species of the Mountain Gorillas. It’s anticipated that of the 800 gorillas, almost half of these unique species can be got in the Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. It is upon this that the country of thousand hills becomes one of the Africa’s exceptional tourism destinations because it provides one of the best places in Africa for visitors to have gorilla trekking experience.
Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is the best memorable experience tourist should not miss because taking gorilla trekking safari to the volcanoes national park offers visitors the opportunity to interact with the habituated groups of gorillas in the five small volcanoes .Having face to face encounter while looking at the large eyes of the silverback gorilla is something very rewarding especially to visitors who decide to trek gorillas in Rwanda.
Paying visit to the precious Virunga Mountains that lie in the boarder of Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda avails the visitor the chance of having full time experience of trekking the ten gorilla groups which are habituated and set aside for Rwanda gorilla safaris.
The Virunga Mountains that straddle the borders of the three countries of Rwanda, DRC and The Pearl of Africa -Uganda, are habitant to an estimate of 480 rare mountain gorillas, which is almost more than half of the world’s total population (the rest live in Forests of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda). In Volcanoes National Park, the Rwandan part of the Virungas, a total of ten gorilla families are being habituated for gorilla safaris which cannot be found anywhere else in Africa and the world at large.
The most interesting bit of trekking gorillas in Rwanda is that Mountain gorillas found in Volcanoes national park are close human relatives surviving in the Virunga Mountains. The mountain gorillas almost share the same genes for example they own personal finger prints, and also show moments of anger and happiness like human beings. The most impressing experience is finding out that gorillas relate in sign language especially when explaining a painful story about how its parents were killed.
Gorilla trekking safaris and tours in Rwanda provides a magical memorable encounter that will remain in the minds of tourists for the rest of their life time on planet Earth. The magical experience comes when the tourists spends one hour with the gorillas and in the process the gorillas eye at tourists with an intelligent gaze, a thinking, and mindful that human beings are more less like them. This making the tourists to reduce or sweep away the fear that they might have had when trying to trek the gorillas.
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