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gorilla trekking safarisMountain gorillas are the biggest primates which are found in Rwanda and Uganda with some In DRC. The primates are among the endangered species out listed by IUCN. They comprise of two sub species and contain 98% of the Human DNA therefore one of our closest relative and has attracted safaris to Uganda.

They live best in thick forested areas of the Tropical Rainforest. They feed on leaves, pith, shoots and fruits thus they rarely drink water. They stay in groups headed by silver back that defends the group from the enemies.

They have well-coordinated and divided programs. They use the morning time to look for food and mid-day period for rest. Resting period is very important for the gorillas since that time is used for establishing and reinforcing relationships within the group and also a good time for gorilla tracking safaris.

Tracking gorillas is best done in two national parks. Gorilla tracking safaris in Bwindi National Park offers tourists one of the greatest tracking experiences. On addition tourists can also track down other Primates and also spot different bird species.

However, tourists can also choose to track Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda to enrich their experiences. Gorilla tracking safaris in Rwanda also provides the finest tracking experience and on addition tourists can involve themselves in various activities like horseback riding, birding among others while on their safaris in Rwanda

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