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Gorilla trekking in Rwanda-Rwanda gorilla Safari News

Rwanda gorilla safarisMountain gorillas are the world’s endangered ape species surviving in only three protected areas in the whole world. It is assumed that the total number of mountain gorillas surviving in the whole world round to 840 individual species of mountain gorillas. These particularly live in the wild but not zoos .The rare species of these famous apes love staying in forest with Afro-montane vegetation and this type of vegetation is common along the virunga massifs shared by the three neighboring protected areas of Volcanoes in Rwanda, Mgahinga in Uganda, and Virunga Park in Congo. The existence of the mountain gorillas in the beautiful Volcanoes national park which is home to the five wonderful Virunga Mountains has enabled the park to become the highlight attraction drawing tourists to take gorilla trekking safaris to Rwanda.
The stunning Volcanoes national park in the land of thousand hills accommodates the largest number of the ‘gorillas in the mist’ than any other national park in the world. The fro-montane forests and other different vegetation types such as bamboo forests have created the best habitat for gorillas since they can feed on the leaves, roots shrubs, of the bamboo forest. The existence of the karisimbi and Visoke Mountains in the park has increased the feeding area since the gorillas are free to move from areas of low altitude to the summits of these beautiful volcanoes. The varied landscape and vegetation in the park has made gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda the best safaris that tourists keep cheering. Mountain gorilla trekking in Rwanda involves climbing, marveling through dark corners of seek forests, caves is very strenuous but highly rewarding and the trek is full of long lasting memories.
Experiencing a close encounter with placid species of the mountain gorillas is unexplainable and gratifying experience that tends to remain in the memories of the travelers for the long time they are going to survive on earth. The challenges, shivers, sweat the trekker meets when trekking is washed away and forgotten when tourists set the small eyes direct to the big round eyes of the silver back gorilla who shows respect to the human beings by welcoming them with humble face showing they are not enemies to human beings but human brothers living in the forest jungles. The one hour given to tourists to spend with the mountain gorillas is more interesting than the any other time human being has ever met on earth. Sometimes the happiness got by visitors after meeting the gorillas is rated to the happiness a lady gets after giving birth to her first borne where she forgets all the pain but only filled with joy and happiness to see her own baby alive.
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