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Perfect gorilla trekking time on a Uganda safari – Uganda safari news

Suitable time for gorilla trekking activities on a Uganda safari.

Uganda is one of the blessed countries to host tourists who come for Gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda while on Uganda safari tours. Uganda the pearl of Africa is a country gifted with diverse wildlife, fauna and flora. With all the rich wildlife, gorillas are the most tracked attractions. Travelers come from all parts of the world to track these human like primate animals.

Gorillas are the only animals that share a 95% DNA of human beings. There characters, behaviors are almost the same as humans. Some of the similarities in gorillas and humans:

  • Gorillas give birth after a period of 9 months and have one baby.
  • These primates take care of their young ones for around 6 months and are also protective of them.
  • Gorillas always have a head of a troop called the silverback gorilla. He is the over seer and protector of the group.

Those are just a few outlines of how gorillas have similarities with humans. Click here to know more about gorilla life.

Uganda has a very friendly climate that tourists find conducive and favorable. There are normally two seasons. The dry and wet seasons. From January to February, May to September are dry seasons. Then from March to April, October to December are rainy seasons.

Uganda safari
Mr Silverback in his relaxation time

Favorable time…

Travelers who come for safaris in Uganda always enjoy the dry seasons because they do keep cool and are wet free. This makes it easier to trek gorillas in rain forests and the mountain regions. During this season, tourists are always in huge numbers in Uganda. Accommodation wise, the lodges in these sites are always on a high demand. So, it is advisable for a traveler to make an early booking to avoid inconveniencing situations.

All in all, gorilla trekking in Uganda is an alluring activity that will leave you hankering for more. Come and get your life’s memorable experiences in Uganda.

Just like Uganda, DR Congo and Rwanda have great tourism destinations. Travelers enjoy activities such as gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Gorilla trekking in Congo. Rwanda safaris can never leave you the same. Besides the Rwanda gorilla safari tours, tourists get the opportunity to visit the Ethnographic Museum in Rwanda and Rwanda Genocide Memorial Grounds.

DR Congo is filled with beauty and alluring wildlife. Going for a Congo safari tour gives you the opportunity to participate in Mount Nyirangongo volcano hiking safari tour trip. 

Africa is indeed a beautiful Continent with diverse nature. Come and experience your ultimate Africa safari memory.


Article by Prime Uganda safaris and tours Ltd

Perfect gorilla trekking time on a Uganda safari – Uganda safari news




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