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Budget Gorilla Trekking Tours in Uganda, Rwanda & DR Congo

Budget gorilla trekking Uganda and Rwanda safaris offer a golden opportunity to budget travelers interested in trekking the endangered Mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.

Note that, the cost of trekking Mountain gorillas is relatively higher compared to other African safari activities such as game drives in Masai Mara, Serengeti, Kruger or Queen Elizabeth National Park, etc.

Although African gorilla tours are considered expensive, in this article we have brought you all possible ways to undertake cheap gorilla safaris!

Globally, you can only enjoy gorilla tracking in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo- all found in East Africa. We advise you to book your gorilla permits in advance. Gorilla permits are limited in number!

If interested in knowing much about affordable gorilla safari trips, let's continue below:

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Where to Go for Budget Gorilla Trekking Tours in Africa? | Where Is the Cheapest Place for Gorilla Trekking?

Where to go gorilla tracking in Africa? Globally, there are only 3 destinations to enjoy gorilla trekking safari trips from. All these incredible destinations are found in Africa (Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo).

Here are the sites (destinations) for African budget gorilla safari tours:

  1. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Budget Gorilla Trekking safaris

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park ranks top among the East African destinations to spot Mountain gorillas.

This picturesque park, Bwindi national park is a UNESCO world heritage site, holding half of the Mountain gorillas (1,063) on Earth. Most of the gorilla safari tours in Uganda Bwindi forest take place in the Buhoma sector, however, they’re also possible in Ruhija, Rushaga, and Nkuringo sectors.

Gorilla safari adventures in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest are even ideal for children. It’s one of the few destinations offering gorilla child friendly tours!

This is because the Bwindi Forest terrain is relatively flat unlike in other destinations. Inquire from your tour operator more about this!

For bird lovers, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is a paradise for you. It’s home to over 350 birds including over 90% of Albertine Endemic bird species.


Among gorilla tracking destinations, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is the only place to undertake a gorilla habituation experience. This thrilling experience allows you to spend with gorillas for long hours. In Bwindi national park, gorilla habituation experience is only possible in the Rushaga sector (south of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest) on Bikingi Gorilla Group.

Classic game-viewing adventures in Queen Elizabeth National Park can be supplemented on trips to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the few destinations to spot the rare tree climbing Lions on Earth.

  1. Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park is the only site to enjoy Rwanda gorilla trips!

This scenic hilly Park, Volcanoes National Park holds the highest population of Mountain gorillas in the Virunga Conservation Area. Other parks in this striking conservation area include Mgahinga national park in Uganda and Virunga National Park in Congo.

About 12 habituated gorilla families are open for tourism for travelers undertaking gorilla trekking in Rwanda.

During your budget gorilla trekking in Rwanda volcanoes national park, you’ll have a golden opportunity to explore the tombs of Dian Fossey Tombs. This great lady was a prominent American primatologist who was slaughtered in her effort to conserve Mountain gorillas.

Furthermore, golden monkey trekking as well as Mount Karisimbi and Bisoke hikes are possible.

For a memorable gorilla safari in Rwanda, we always advise our clients to relax at Lake Kivu after the gorilla trekking in Rwanda Volcanoes National Park.

  1. Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is another amazing site worth visiting while on your African budget gorilla trekking tours.

This scenic park holds one habituated gorilla group with the highest number of Silverbacks in the world co-existing (4 of them out of 9 members).

On top of your African budget gorilla trekking safari in Mgahinga park, you can also enjoy golden monkey trekking or hike one of 3 striking volcanoes in this park; Mount Muhabura 4127m, Sabinyo 3669m and, Gahinga 3,474m.

After your budget gorilla trip in either Bwindi national park or Mgahinga Gorilla NP, you shouldn’t miss a boat trip on Lake Bunyonyi- one of the most beautiful lakes on African continent.

  1. Virunga National Park

Budget gorilla trekking safari trips are also possible in Virunga National Park of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

While planning to visit Virunga NP for gorilla safari tours, we advise you to consult first your tour operator whether it’s safe! Congo is one of the African countries considered insecure.

So, as professional tour operators, we shall be available to guide you either to undertake a Uganda gorilla trip in Bwindi national park or a Rwanda gorilla adventure in Volcanoes National Park.

Please, inquire first whether it’s safe before deciding to undertake a gorilla trek in Congo.

Gorilla Trekking Rules and Regulations in Uganda Rwanda

As you undertake your budget gorilla trekking safari adventure in Uganda Rwanda, there’re guidelines to follow! These rules are set to protect Mountain gorillas as well as tourists.

They include:

  1. The age limit for tracking gorillas is 15 years.
  2. Only 8 people are allowed to visit a gorilla family per day
  3. If you have a contagious illness, you’re not allowed to visit gorillas.
  4. Maintain maximum silence while on the gorilla-tracking trail
  5. Littering in the park is illegal
  6. Always maintain a 7-10m distance on encountering mountain gorillas
  7. It’s illegal to feed, drink or smoke near Mountain gorillas
  8. It’s illegal to touch a mountain gorilla!
  9. You must follow the ranger’s instructions.
  10. It’s illegal to use flash cameras while taking photos of these gentle giants
  11. You’ll spend one hour with these giant apes after spotting them
  12. If you feel easing yourself, go off the track and cover your waste in a 30m deep hole.

Gorilla Trekking Permit Cost in Africa- How Much Do Gorilla Trekking Permits Cost in Uganda and Rwanda?

As you look for budget gorilla safaris in Africa, note that each country sells differently its gorilla permit. The Mountain gorilla trekking permit is charged differently i.e. Citizens of East Africa, Foreign residents, and foreign non-residents pay differently.

Here is the cost for gorilla permits for foreign residents:

  • A gorilla permit in Rwanda costs 1500 USD
  • The gorilla permit in Uganda costs 700 USD
  • Congo, the gorilla permit is at 400 USD

Email us now for any inquiries!

Is Gorilla Trekking Expensive?

Truly, Mountain gorilla trekking is relatively expensive compared to other African adventures say; wildlife tours as well as chimpanzee trekking adventures. However, this experience is worth undertaking!

Imagine the thrill of encountering face-to-face with the mighty great apes! Many travelers consider it the top highlight of most African trips. It’s a must not miss experience for adventure lovers!

Why Is Gorilla Trekking So Expensive?

This is a common query from most of our clients intending to undertake cheap gorilla trips on African continent.

Here are the reasons why gorilla safari trips are relatively expensive:

  1. Most of the revenue collected is used to conserve the threatened habitats of Mountain gorillas.
  2. More still, funds collected are used to pay park rangers who monitor these gentle giants.
  3. Also, note that 10% of the revenue goes back to the surrounding communities. It helps in community development projects such as rural electrification as well as building schools, roads, and healthy centers.

How Much Does It Cost to Trek with Gorillas? | How Much Does It Cost to Trek with Gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda?

There is no fixed cost to track gorillas in Africa! This is because there’re numerous factors influencing this cost and among these include:

  1. The duration of your trip- Long gorilla safari trips are usually more expensive than short trips.
  2. Activities you wish to undertake on your gorilla safari tour

The more activities you take on your trip, the more its price will rise. For instance in Uganda, some travelers can wish to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park for game viewing.

  1. Your group size

The bigger your group size, the higher the cost of your gorilla tour. This is because you have to spend more on gorilla permits. But, note that traveling as a group is cheaper on the hand.

It allows sharing of some costs like transport and accommodation facilities.

  1. The type of vehicle you wish to use

Some safari vehicles have a higher fuel consumption rate compared to others. For example, a land cruise consumes more fuel than a safari van

Feel free to email us for clarity!

How Much Is the Budget Gorilla Trek in Uganda? | How Much Does It Cost to See Gorillas in Uganda on Budget?

How much is 3-day gorilla trekking in Uganda? The cost of a 3-day budget gorilla trekking tour in Uganda costs between $490-$520 exclusive of your gorilla permits. This rate includes the cost of accommodation facilities, transportation, and driver guide, as well as other hidden costs.

Note that, on average a Uganda gorilla tour in Mgahinga or Bwindi national park is for 3 days.

Budget Gorilla Trekking Rwanda Vs Uganda- Is Gorilla Trekking Cheaper in Uganda or Rwanda?

This is quite a challenging comparison! However, as experts, we have tried to bring out the key points for travelers looking for the best site to undertake cheap gorilla trekking tours in Africa.

Ø A gorilla permit in Rwanda costs $1500 while that in Uganda is at $700. Therefore, you should choose Uganda gorilla trips as they allow you to save over $800 on the gorilla permit.

What Is the Cheapest Way to See Gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda?

Numerous travelers intending to have budget gorilla safaris in Uganda and Rwanda always look for all possible ways to narrow their expenses. As experts in arranging gorilla trekking safari tours in Uganda and Rwanda as well as Congo, we have brought you different ways to travel on a tight budget.

Here we go:

  1. Always target the low season

In this season- (late September to November and March to May), there are few tourists. Most lodges tend to give out low discounted rates.

Although rare, in this season, there’re possibilities of getting discounted gorilla permits.

  1. Only use cheap lodges or mid range hotels

If you’re planning to undertake a budget gorilla tour in Africa, you should consider using budget lodges. Although cheap facilities, they are always comfortable facilities. On your Uganda and Rwanda gorilla tour, there’re numerous budget lodges to use.

A tour operator can help you choose the best.

  1. Opt for a group gorilla tour

If looking for an affordable gorilla tour, we advise you to travel as a group. Moving in a group allows sharing costs of accommodation facilities, etc.

  1. Using public transport

Although not so recommended, travelers looking for all possible ways of having affordable gorilla trips in Uganda and Rwanda can opt for it. However, note that they doesn’t leave on time!

  1. Choose Uganda over Rwanda

Gorilla permits in Uganda cost $700 while in Rwanda, gorilla permits are on $1500

  1. Avoid chartered flights

This reduces your trip cost

What to Expect from Cheap Gorilla Trekking Safari in Africa?

Africa budget gorilla safari trips don’t imply a horrible travel experience. Some travelers might miss understand this!

A budget gorilla trip is usually an affordable gorilla tour. During your budget gorilla safari, we shall mostly use budget lodges particularly those with very comfortable facilities.

Note that, not all tour operators in Uganda and Rwanda can effectively arrange for you budget gorilla trekking tours!

Contact us now for wonderful budget gorilla safari trips in Uganda as well as Rwanda.

Packing List for Your Budget Gorilla Safari in Rwanda Uganda and Congo

As you plan to undertake a budget gorilla tour in Uganda and Rwanda as well as Congo, the following are key items to have:

  1. A camera so even while on a game drive for instance in Queen Elizabeth National Park.
  2. Rain jacket
  3. Comfortable hiking boots
  4. Long pants and trousers
  5. Insect repellents
  6. Bottled water
  7. Day backpack- keeps your daily essentials including the packed lunch
  8. Sun protection gear (sunglasses & sunhat)- these help also while in savannah parks, Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park inclusive.

Best Lodges, Accommodation Facilities to Use on Your Budget Gorilla Tours in Africa

Best budget lodges to stay during budget gorilla trekking safaris

There are several budget lodges (mid range hotels) in Bwindi national park, Volcanoes National Park Rwanda as well as Virunga NP of Congo.

Here are the recommended budget lodges (accommodation facilities) to use while on your budget gorilla tour:

  1. Mt. Gahinga Lodge around Volcanoes National Park
  2. Trekkers Tarvan Cottages in Bwindi National Park
  3. Buhoma Community Rest Camp in Bwindi National Park
  4. Broadbill Forest Camp in Bwindi forest
  5. Bwindi Nshongi Camp
  6. Ruhija Gorilla Friends Resort

All the above lodges are comfortable facilities ideal for your stay!

Best Time to Undertake Budget Gorilla Trekking Safaris in Africa

All year round, you can enjoy cheap gorilla expeditions in Uganda and Rwanda. However, as an experienced tour company in organizing gorilla trips, we suggest that you visit in the low season, (late September to November and March to May).

In these months, most lodges including even the high end safari lodges apply cost reduction measures. Therefore, the overall cost of accommodation facilities is relatively low and favorable for you!

The low discounted rates on accommodation facilities help you to save a lot!

Gorilla Tracking Difficulty- How Difficult Is Gorilla Trekking?

Usually, our clients who plan to undertake budget Rwanda gorilla trips as well as in Uganda inquire whether is gorilla tracking hard!

Please note that gorilla tracking difficulty depends on one’s physical fitness level. It’s an adventurous lovely hike taking you through the moist rainforest, hills, and valleys. We advise you to undertake somebody physical exercise to make your body fit for this memorable adventure.

Key Tips for Travelers Planning to Undertake Budget Gorilla Tours in Uganda

If you are planning to undertake an affordable gorilla trip, these tips are crucial for you!

  1. Always book your gorilla trip with a reliable tour company
  2. Try to target the low season- During this season, most lodges (high end safari lodges inclusive) apply cost reduction measures.
  3. You should choose Uganda over Rwanda for a gorilla trip
  4. While on your trip, always move with pocket change. This helps you while giving out tips on your trip.
  5. Use mostly budget accommodation facilities on your trip

Budget Gorilla Tours, Affordable Gorilla Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda

If you have been looking for the best budget gorilla tour in Uganda and Rwanda, you are in the right hands!

For a rewarding experience, you can add some wildlife viewing experience in national parks such as Queen Elizabeth National Park, and Lake Mburo National Park while in Uganda.

Below are some of the best budget gorilla trekking tours for you in Uganda and Rwanda:

3 Days Budget Uganda Gorilla Trip

4 Days Uganda Gorilla Trip- From Kigali

4 Days Budget Uganda Gorilla Safari

5 Days Budget Uganda Tour

6 Days Affordable Gorilla Uganda Safari Tour

7 Days Budget Rwanda Uganda Safari Tour

8 Days Rwanda Uganda Tour

9 Days Uganda Trip

10 Days Affordable Gorilla Rwanda Uganda Safari

11 Days Budget Rwanda Uganda Tour

12 Days Rwanda Uganda Tour

14 Days Rwanda Uganda Trip

14 Days Uganda Rwanda Tour

16 Days Affordable Uganda Tour

18 Days Uganda Tour

Best Gorilla Trekking Safari Companies, Tour Operators in Uganda and Rwanda

You’re advised to book your trip with a reliable tour operator!

Here are the top African safari companies you should book with your cheap gorilla trekking safari:

  1. Prime Safaris and Tours Ltd
  1. Wild Gorilla Safaris


  1. Safari Uganda Safaris
  2. A Uganda Safari
  3. Gorilla trekking Uganda
  4. Gorilla Safaris and Tours
  5. Africa Safaris Tours

In summary, if you’re short of money but, interested in gorilla tracking in Africa, we have got you covered! We have numerous affordable gorilla trips that you can check out.