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Gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda – Gorilla safaris News

gorilla safarisGorillas are the rare animals found in only Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. These are closely related to human beings therefore this gives tourists carrying out gorilla trekking a good time as they get to know more about them. Tourist are helped by the game rangers to look out for the gorillas and as they find them they are given one hour to interact with gorillas, have their photo shoots, see how they play, feed, eat and all their daily activities. Tourists on Uganda and Rwanda safaris therefore enjoy this unique experience.

Uganda and Rwanda are the best countries that carry out the most interesting gorilla trekking safaris that always give tourists memories to remember as they get back to their countries. Tourists always want to safari these countries to also have an experience of a gorilla safari therefore gorilla permits are always on high demand and tourists who may want to carry out gorilla tracking have to book the permits in advance. Gorilla permits can be booked by the tour operators from the Uganda Wildlife Authority so that you do not miss out the most exciting experience in Uganda and Rwanda.

Gorilla tracking Uganda is done in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park where there are four different sectors including Rushaga, Ruhija, Buhoma, Nkuringo with different gorilla families that are tracked. Mgahinga Gorilla National Park also found in Uganda gives tourists the opportunity to carry out tracking and serves a different gorilla trekking experience. In Rwanda a gorilla experience takes place in Volcanoes National Park where tourists on gorilla safari also find different families of gorillas.

Tourists on gorilla safaris can carry dull colored clothes like black, brown so that they do not scare the gorilla away by the shouting colors, they can carry zoom lens cameras so that they can get good photo shoots of the gorillas since flash cameras also scare away gorillas. Walking sticks are always available to enable tourists walk through the forests. Since gorilla trekking has a unpredictable time, it can take 2 to 8 hours therefore tourists need packed food that is provided by the lodge and a lot of water provided by our company if prime Uganda safaris is used.

Gorilla tracking is an experience that tourists should not miss out while on a Uganda and Rwanda safari.

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